Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Earn Money


Players have several ways to farm gold in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Gold itself is much more common than Nopon coins, which is the other form of currency in XC3. Gold can be used to purchase accessories, but is completely useless when it comes to crafting. Despite this, it is extremely easy to farm for gold if players take the time to explore the many areas of Aionios.

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Compared to Nopon parts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, gold may not be as useful for some players. Most upgrades and crafts can be done with the right materials or by paying Nopon Coins. Like anything else in the game, gold has its purpose, which makes it a useful resource in its own way.


Gold cultivation methods

The easiest way to get gold is to fight. Each time Noah and his party enter a battle, they receive a random amount of gold if they win. While it’s entirely possible to reach thousands simply by defeating enemies, the process can be long and tedious. That’s where these money-raising methods come into play:


Containers are trash cans with a beam of yellow light coming out of them. Opening gives various items such as Nopon coins and, of course, gold. Containers are usually hidden and require players to uncover a larger portion of the map, where they will appear as a yellow trash can icon. If players are close enough, one of the characters will spot the container and rush towards it.

In later regions of Xenoblade 3, Containers are usually placed in inaccessible areas. These require players to unlock a certain game mechanic, such as ziplines. An example is Colony 4’s container, which is located on top of a building that has a zipline attached to it. Although players can reach the area where the zipline begins, it will be impossible to use it until they unlock Juniper of Colony Tau. Other containers can sit atop sand dunes or climbable walls.

Later players will unlock Discontinued Supplies, which can be spotted by a party member. Hold down ZR when prompted to follow it on the map. Looting abandoned supplies yields Nopon coins, rare items (such as gems), and of course, gold.

Intervene in a skirmish

While exploring, players may encounter a red symbol representing interlocking blades. If they’re close enough, they can maintain ZR and see two groups of enemies face off. Get close enough and players will be prompted to choose a side. It’s called a Skirmish.

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In a skirmish, players team up with one group to defeat the other with the promise of rewards. As most would expect, some groups will give a cash/gold reward in addition to Bonus Exp. Fight with them and win to get the money. However, not all skirmishes offer money. As players progress Xenoblade 3, they will notice that some skirmish rewards will have affinity points instead. Players can withdraw from a skirmish simply by refusing to take sides.

Defeat elite monsters

There are different types of enemies in Xenoblade 3. For example, lucky enemies that have better item drops are characterized by their scintillating name/level. Enemies that have blue marks in their name are considered elite enemies. These are tougher enemies that might take longer to defeat, especially if players are underleveled. However, it will give a 350% increase in cash reward, which is well worth it.

This also applies to unique monsters, which are monsters with orange nameplates. These are much tougher than elite mobs, so be sure to clear them away from any nearby enemies before you fight. At first, it’s best to avoid unique mobs and go after elite mobs when farming for gold.

Cook meals

Eating a meal gives one or more effects for a set amount of time. For example, certain meals will increase the gold drop of enemies by 15% or 20%. While players can ask Manana to cook a meal for free as long as they have the right ingredients, other meals can be purchased for a few hundred gold from Colonies.

Once players have liberated Colony 4, they can purchase the Mixed Vegetable Torpedo Wrap from the Canteen. This meal grants 15% bonus gold to enemies for 26 minutes. Be sure to check out the canteens of each liberated colony to see what they have to offer.

where to spend money

The money can be used to buy accessories from a Colony Commissioner’s Shop Where Nopon Caravans. Most of the accessories at the start can be easily overshadowed by the Gems, which players unlock in the middle of Chapter 2. However, they are good to equip thanks to their various effects. Some will increase critical hit rate while others will extend the duration of nullified attacks. One idea is to stock up on gold and keep it for better accessories locked behind the colony commissioner’s stores.

Gold can also be used to “buy” rare items from the Manufacturers at Ferronis Carcasses. Items spawned by fabricators are random, but it’s a quick way to get materials without having to search for them in the wild.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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