Which Pokemon Evolves Using The Up-Grade Element In Pokemon GO?


There is a plethora of evolutionary elements in Pokemon GO, each with their own specific Pokemon that they are capable of evolving, and it’s no different for the Up-Grade element.

Introduced in Generation II Pokemon games (Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal), the Up-Grade element has been around for years in Pokemon GO and was introduced alongside its many Johto region counterparts.

Much like many of these counterparts, the next level element can be found by spinning a Pokestop Photo Disc or offered as a reward at special events, especially those focused on evolution. Finally, it is possible that coaches can earn an upgrade through gifts from other coaches.

Pokemon GO: Which Pokemon Evolves Via Up-Grade?

At the moment, the only Pokemon GO Pokemon that benefits from Up-Grade is Porygon (Image via Niantic)
At the moment, the only Pokemon GO Pokemon that benefits from Up-Grade is Porygon (Image via Niantic)

Right now, the only Pokemon in Pokemon GO that can evolve from using the Premium Item is Porygon, the Generation I Pokemon known in the Pokedex as the Virtual Pokemon.

By providing 25 Porygon candies and the higher quality item, Porygon can evolve into Porygon2. There is also a third evolutionary stage in the line of evolution known as Porygon-Z, but this Pokémon requires 100 candies and the use of a Sinnoh stone. This element of evolution is achieved through elements such as research breakthroughs or trainer battles.

Up-Grade (renamed Upgrade after Pokemon Sword and Shield) has its roots in Silph Co., a large company present in many Pokemon games (from Gen I) that mainly develops new technology.

In the Pokemon universe, they are also responsible for creating everyday items that players can also find in Pokemon GO, such as Pokeballs, Potions, Revives, and rare candies.

While Silph Co. has yet to make its presence known in Pokemon GO for good, Niantic is still adding more Pokemon lore (Team GO Rocket, for example) to the game, and the enigmatic company could be featured in the future. .

Regarding the upgrade specifically, Pokemon GO trainers will need to have reached training level 10 before they can access it. Spinning the Photo Disc before reaching this milestone will not give Up-Grade a chance to stop spinning a Pokestop.

This is supposed to also apply to trainer gifts. If players can maintain their Pokestops rotation streak every day, they can get a Guaranteed Evolution item after reaching a seven-day rotation streak. There is no guarantee that the item will be an upgrade, but it is certainly worth shooting for trainers who aim to evolve their Porygon.

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