Where’s the Commune Loan?


May is approaching, together with him, communion which in different parishes is celebrated on different dates. In one of them, this is the beginning of May, in the second half of May and in the others the end of May. Taking communion is associated with expenses, and if we are not fully prepared for it, it would be worth getting extra cash.

Where is it worth reaching for this extra cash here before the upcoming Communion of a child depends on what amount we will need and how long do we intend to pay off – whether within a month, a few or a dozen or so months?

For a loan to the bank

If we can take a loan in a bank, we should reach for cash from the bank, especially if we intend to repay the borrowed money in monthly installments. In order to get several thousand zlotys, we do not have to go to a bank outlet for this purpose and we can use banks that grant loans completely remotely.

Before we decide to reach for a loan in a specific bank, we can check on each of them how much the monthly installment will be. This will allow us to estimate in which bank we have a chance for the lowest installment. By indicating the amount of the loan and the repayment period, we will show you the amount of the monthly installment that the bank can offer us.

Once we have chosen a bank in which we will take your online credit for communal expenses , it is enough to fill in the appropriate loan application and then wait for contact from the bank’s employees. For sure it will be necessary to confirm the income we receive in order to assess the creditworthiness of the bank. However, it does not have to be necessary for a document issued by our employer, as it is often practiced in the case of traditional loans. If we receive a withdrawal to a bank account, an account statement should be sufficient to document the account history from the last 3 or 6 months. This should be enough for the bank to assess our creditworthiness. We can provide such a document in the form of an electronic pdf document or we can print it and send it to the bank by post or courier.

After completing all the formalities, the loan will be transferred to our bank account. In the case of bank loans granted online depending on the bank, it is usually possible to obtain this route up to a maximum of PLN 10,000. After a larger amount, a visit to the facility is necessary.

A loan outside the bank – with a long repayment period

If for our communal expenses we can not reach for a loan in a bank for various reasons, we still have the option of a non-bank loan, but here we must consider what company we will use and choose only one that is proven and safe. If we want a long repayment period and so it will be a repayment in a few or a dozen installments, the most reasonable solution remains Provident, the more so since the company has been offering repayment in monthly installments for a long time.

If we want an express injection of cash, it is worth looking at the offers of companies that provide online loans, such as Zaimo or Incredit. All formalities in their case will be dealt with completely remotely, thanks to which we will not have to pay any documents and to obtain a loan we should have enough ID card, mobile phone and an active bank account.

In the case of non-bank loans that are provided via the Internet, it is worth paying attention to the costs which in most cases are given before applying for a loan, thanks to which we can compare offers of specific companies. It should also be borne in mind that the cost of such loans will be higher than those of banking and hence, relatively monthly installments.

Loan with quick repayment

Some people have unexpected expenses and they have quite a decent income that allows them to quickly pay back the amount borrowed. What in this case will be the most sensible solution – where to reach for cash when communion in a few days?

If we are sure that we will repay the whole amount borrowed within a month or two, then a good day’s answer will be a good solution, provided, however, that we do not need a large amount, no more than 1000 or 1500 PLN. We can get this amount at the first loan in some companies, and for example at Kredito24, we will get up to PLN 3,000 as a new customer of the company, up to PLN 1,600 in Vivusa and PLN 1,500 .

In the case of the last two companies, we can take advantage of the promotion addressed to new customers who can receive the first loan for PLN 0, giving away after 30 days, exactly as much as they borrowed, so if we borrow PLN 1500, we will give 1500 after 30 days.

If the loan would last longer, we can use the option of extending the repayment period by 30 days for which we will pay extra. Unless we use the Wongi offer, which offers new clients loans up to 750 for a period of 60 days after promotional costs of 10 PLN.


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