Where to find Impulse Grenades and how they work


Fortnite always tries to keep things fresh. Beyond the fairly fast pace of its seasons, which themselves bring drastic changes, the free-to-play title regularly rolls out updates in between, changing everything from POIs to NPCs, quest lines, weapons, etc. FortniteThe most recent update unveils the long-dormant Impulse Grenades, some of which might need a refresher on exactly how they work.

First introduced in the second season of Fortnite, the Impulse Grenade is a throwable item that throws players and vehicles caught within its blast radius. The item functions the same as the popular Shockwave Grenade item, except it doesn’t negate fall damage and (at least the last time it wasn’t vaulted) doesn’t affect friendly players.


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Where to find Impulse Grenades

Since August 12, Fortnite officially removed the Impulse Grenade, which is now on the island. Impulse Grenades are part of the common loot pool, which means they can be found in Chests, Supply Drops, and on the ground.

how they work

As mentioned earlier, Impulse Grenades are used to launch players or vehicles in virtually any direction. Like Shockwave Grenades, Impulse Grenades do no damage, making them more of a tactical item than a real weapon.

Detonating quickly on landing, experienced players can use Impulse Grenades to land some seriously devastating kills.

Categorized as a rare item, players shouldn’t have too much trouble finding Impulse Grenades and can stack up to nine of them in a single item slot.

While Impulse Grenades might be the only unprotected item, it’s not the only thing making a comeback. FortniteUFOs have reappeared on the island, finally giving Chapter 3 Season 3 a flying vehicle. Also called Saucers, the spaceship was first introduced in Season 7 Chapter 2, which was themed around the alien invasion. Unlike Impulse Grenades, UFOs/Saucers only spawn in six specific locations on the map, which likely makes the vehicle a hot commodity.

Fortnite seems to be on a series of long dormant disposables. In addition to bringing back impulse grenades, Fortnite also unvaulted Junk Rifts. Unreleased since the first chapter of the Battle Royale title, Junk Rifts are throwable objects that spawn a rift above the projected location, dropping a large inanimate object.

The object obliterates all structures in its path, making it a useful weapon against opponents happy to build. Adding both Junk Rift and Impulse Grenade opens up dynamic gameplay, allowing players to use additional takedown methods other than a direct firefight.

Fortnite is free on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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