Where to find Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Disney Valley of Dreams offers players a vast world filled with content and gameplay to get lost in. One of the most essential aspects of this gameplay is collecting important resources.

The type of resources players will need to obtain vary depending on what they are required for. Players may sometimes need to gather food resources like shrimp or lots of vegetables for Ratatouille, while other times they may need crafting or quest supplies like fiber and rope or valuables iron ingots.

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Another important resource that players may need is Dream Shards. This is one of the rarest and most difficult items to obtain in Disney Valley of Dreams with a low drop rate, but luckily Gameloft has released a statement confirming that they intend to fix this issue in a future update.

For now, players will just have to hope for luck and do whatever they can to farm the necessary Dream Shards. Players must also have started Disney Valley of Dreams with a good dose from Dream Shards as they should have received some from Gameloft in their mailboxes as compensation for the persistent low drop rate issue.

How to Get Dream Shards in Disney Valley of Dreams

Dream Shards can technically be found anywhere around Dreamlight Valley in all the different biomes, but can only be obtained through two specific methods. It’s also a pretty rare item with a very low drop chance and no way to guarantee you’ll get one.

The primary method of obtaining Dream Shards is to remove Night Thorns. These are pesky weeds that continually reappear on a daily basis. This means that players looking to get Nightshards will always want to be on the lookout for Nightthorns which they can then magically remove and consistently keep this method daily for the best chance of getting Dreamshards.

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Those who have just started playing Disney Valley of Dreams will also find them much easier to obtain early in the game since Night Thorns cover most terrain in all biomes. Each time players unlock a new biome, they will once again have a plethora of night thorns that need to be cleared.

The only other way to currently get Dreamshards is to feed various creatures scattered throughout Dreamlight Valley with their favorite foods. Just like with Night Thorns, players still have a low chance of receiving a Dream Shard and will just have to hope for luck.

Besides just needing luck, the other caveat with this method is that each creature can only be fed once per day. Players will want to make sure they feed every animal in every biome their favorite food, or they will lose any chance of receiving a dream shard from that creature for a full day.

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How to use Dream Shards in Disney Valley of Dreams

If you’re lucky enough to get Dreamshards, you might be wondering what exactly you can do with them. Dream Shards serve several different purposes, but one is far more important than the others.

  • Five Dreamshards can be combined to create Dreamlight at a crafting station. Dreamlight can then be spent to unlock new biomes for players to explore or new realms to visit to recruit new Disney characters.
  • One Dream Shard and five Night Shards can be combined to create a Purified Night Shard. This item can be gifted to the inhabitants of Dreamlight Valley for a huge friendship boost.
  • The most significant use for Dream Shards is that they will sometimes be a required quest item, especially for completing quests that allow players to progress through the storyline.
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Due to the current low drop rate of Dream Shards, players should not spend them on crafting and save them for quests at this time. Players who spend them on crafting may regret it later, as they might find themselves unable to progress further in Disney Valley of Dreams due to the extremely low sink rate.


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