What is Yae Miko evolving from? Best Artifacts To Farm


Yae Miko is a controversial figure in Genshin Impact, but learning what she evolves from can make her feel like a true five star.

As the enigmatic controller of the Grand Narukami Shrine, players expected a lot from Yae Miko’s character banner. With a five-star rarity, players expected a powerful under-DPS that could literally rain down lightning on enemies. That’s what they got, but between Yae Miko’s botched attempt to buff and the generally low damage, many players are struggling to find the right gear for her to scale.

As for the Artifact States relevant to Yae Miko, she comes in five different options. Each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Energy Recharge – More elemental shards, but less damage for elemental skills
  • Electric Damage – More skill and burst damage, but infrequent bursts
  • Critical Damage and Chance – Potentially higher damage, but less consistency
  • Elemental Mastery – More elemental reaction damage, but no other perks

Each scaling option is further affected by the player Yae Miko’s playstyle. If Yae Miko is played as the primary DPS, she obviously leans towards electro damage since she buffs her normal attacks. If she mainly uses reactions with Sakura Sesshou, Elemental Mastery is better. As for players who want to shoot it all in one hit, Critical Damage makes that goal a bit easier.

Best Artifact and Weapon Stats for Yae Miko

The tricky part is that Yae Miko wants to whittle down all four of these stats, making it hard to choose which ones to focus on. However, thanks to the artifact and weapon system, she can actually access all three on different gear. For a full version of Yae Miko, look for the following stats on their corresponding Artifact type.

  • Energy charging on the timepiece
  • Electro damage on the cup
  • Elemental Mastery or Crown Critical Stats

The stat you don’t choose for the crown can instead be provided by a weapon. The easiest option is Kagura’s Verity, Yae Miko’s signature five-star weapon that deals 66.2% inherent critical damage. The most economical option is Solar Pearl from the premium battle pass, which improves crit rate. Free-to-play players can consider The Widsith. All three potential buffs work well with Yae Miko, and guaranteed critical damage is still nice.

Whatever weapon you choose, be sure to choose artifacts with missing stats to scale. There’s also the notion of going all-out on a certain stat, like improving elemental moon mastery and focusing on mass electro-charge procs. Genshin Impact isn’t too hard until the end of Spiral Abyss, so if a particular build looks fun, that’s the best stat for Yae Miko.


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