What is Heirlooms doing in Apex Legends?


With Apex Legends Season 10 underway, players have had the chance to find some leaks and clues to the next collection event and the subsequent takeover of the city.

Apex Legends Season 10 has been a great one so far, with many popular streamers and content creators starting to enjoy the game and give it more recognition within the gaming community.

So much so that Apex Legends took the # 1 trending game spot on Twitch last week. That said, the game is about to get even more fun, with a new collectible event, city takeover, and Heirloom coming soon.

Collectible events and city takeovers have been an integral part of new seasons of Apex Legends since Octane’s Gauntlet was introduced to Kings Canyon in Season 2.

Although Season 9 introduced changes to Olympus mid-season and a collection event with Revenant’s Heirloom, we haven’t received a takeover of the city.

In Season 10, however, it looks like we’ll actually get a takeover of the city with a brand new collectible event.

Apex Legends Season 10 Collector’s Event

Takeover of the city of rampart

Takeover of the city of the ramparts

This Apex Legends Season 10 collectible event will coincide with a new takeover of the city based around the Legend Rampart.

Reliable Apex Legends data miner @Garretleaks, detailed what to expect from this takeover of the city, including some footage that confirms Rampart’s involvement.

According to some Easter Eggs in the Season 10 Battle Pass, as well as datamined code showing in-game teasers coming to the game in the future, the new POI will be based on “Big Maude,” a massive landcrawler. that Rampart will use as his workshop.

Apex Legends Season 10 Collector's Event

Additionally, this city takeover is believed to replace Lava City on World’s Edge, an area of ​​the map that definitely needs some attention.

The teasers will start on September 5, with Rampart appearing on World’s Edge loading screens. There will be other teasers on September 7 and 10.

Coinciding with this takeover of the city, Rampart will also receive upgrades for his kit, all of which will be implemented in Season 10 midway through. September 21.

Heritage Event Collection

As with every new season, not only do players receive new Legends, Weapons, and Item updates with the Battle Pass, but players also expect a new Legacy to enter the game.

The legacy is believed to involve Rampart as well, with some previous leaks from @Shrugtal suggesting that it can take the form of a wrench, which would make sense given its engineering history.

For those who want to get one of these prestigious Heirlooms, check out our article on how to track your Legacy progress, as players receive enough Legacy Shards to purchase one on their 500th pack.

While we currently don’t have a lot of information on the name or theme of the collection event, we recently had leaked monster-themed skins for Revenant and Bloodhound, which could be related to the collection event.

As more details on the upcoming Apex Legends Season 10 collectible event and the Rampart Town takeover are released, we’ll be updating this page, so stay tuned for the news.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment / Garretleaks / Shrugtal

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