What is Ghost Of Tsushima Legends mode?


Ghost of Tsushima Legends Mode is a free downloadable content from Updates 1.1 made available on October 16, 2020. The game is different from the single-player campaign, where you fight cooperatively with other players. Its combat is also different from that of a campaign.

The game is balanced and designed for multiplayer play, where you and your friends battle through demonic realms and earn legendary gear as rewards.

What is Legend Mode?

Legend Mode is an online mode where you and your friends go on an adventure to uncover legend stories. The story is different from the single-player campaign mode.

There are five game modes, each with a unique look and feel and gameplay mechanics.

Quick game

There are two types of Quick Matches: history and survival. You can quickly join the ongoing random battle in-game when matchmaking is enabled. You will be thrown into the chaos of battles with random players fighting alongside you.


The story mode is limited to two players only, players can also play solo. The game mode consists of 10 acts which players must complete in sequential order before playing them individually.

Each act has three chapters, and you can also play them in difficulty modes such as Bronze, silver or gold. You can also choose to play Nightmare mode as it unlocks every week. You will also be rewarded with gears depending on the difficulty mode you choose.

Each mode has a number of continuations for story progression. Bronze has unlimited Continues, Silver has three Continues and Gold has 2 Continues. Nightmares have no sequel. If you die, it’s game over.


Survival allows four players to defend an area against hordes of enemies. Enemies attack areas in waves where every fifth wave has a boss attack. Defeating boss waves will refresh any previous area you lost. Different difficulty modes have different numbers of waves.

Bronze has 15, Silver has 20, while Gold and Nightmare both have 25 waves. You can also buy gears between waves with the currency you earned from kills.

Once you reach Gear Level 90, you can complete the Nightmare mode weekly challenges.

There are seven stages available in Survival mode.

  • Shores of Vengeance
  • Defense of Aoi Village
  • Shadows of War
  • blood in the snow
  • Twilight and ashes
  • blood and steel
  • Rivals

    Legends added the mode on September 03, 2021. Fight hordes of enemies and collect Magatama to boost your allies’ defenses or use them to the detriment of your enemies.

    There are four stages available in Rivals.

  • In the realm of the dead
  • seat in paradise
  • Kami Trials
  • The Arena of Shadows
  • Challenges/Raids

    This is an end mode called “The Tale of Iyo”. The mode can be played with four players only when the player improves his Ki by 100. The game mode is also called raids which are separated into three different chapters.

    What are legend classes?

    What are legend classes?

    Besides the game modes, there are four different classes, each with different fighting styles and ultimates.


    Samurai can head straight into battle. Offensive players can choose this character because Samurai’s passive ability can take damage. Samurai Ultimate slows downtime while dealing a flurry of strikes against nearby enemies. This can be very useful when the player is invaded by various enemies.


    Hunter Class deals damage at long range. Hunters support their team by knocking enemies out of range with explosive arrows that can also slow down an enemy group. If stuck in combat, Hunter can use his ultimate “Eye of Uchitsune”, which will unleash a rain of arrows on enemies.


    Ronin plays the team role medical. The player can revive an entire team with the Ultimate “Izanami’s Breath.” Ronin has more of a supporting role during battle and can summon a spirit dog to fight alongside him.


    Assassins use stealth to defeat enemies. His sneak attack confuses enemies and allows players to land quick and powerful blows. The killer uses “Shadow Strike” ultimate attack to teleport inside the battlefield and defeat enemies with a surprise.

    Game progress

    Level up by unlocking legendary gears, master the skills of each character and choose what suits you best. Increase your power level by crafting rare items with gears. Progressing higher in the game will result in legendary items. Below are the items that affect the outcome of progression in Legends.


    Gears are items obtained after completing missions. Each mission has its difficulty which ranges from Bronze level to Gold level. The higher the difficulty, the more you can find rare items and powers. You can also complete a nightmarish difficulty weekly challenge that will grant you special legendary rewards.

    Skills and Abilities

    All four characters have their unique skill tree and perks to unlock. Master the craft and the technique by unlocking unique abilities that will help your team to victory. Find your playing style among four and increase the efficiency of victory in battle.

    Power Level/Ki

    Power level, also known as ki, is defined by the rarity and gear levels you have obtained after a successful mission. You can reforge your gear to have a higher Ki range. The higher the power of your equipment, the higher the level of power you will have.


    There are a number of gears that can be reforged into special gears or ghost weapons. Honor, Blessing, and Essence are the three resources you need to grind to upgrade weapons and gears. You can reroll the chapters where the most resources are obtained.


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