What does the Beast Eye do in Elden Ring?


The Beast’s Eye is an item you receive from Gurranq, Beastman Cleric in Ring of Eldeneven if what he is actually doing is not immediately apparent.

Reaching the Beastman Priest isn’t easy, as most players reach the NPC after defeating the Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village through the nearby Send Gate. Don’t panic, you haven’t been ripped off, and the Beast Eye is a useful item that can help you get more rewards from Gurranq.

Screenshot via Dot Esports

The Beast Eye warns you when a nearby boss drops Deathroot, which you can feed Gurranq to get more valuable items. A message saying “The Beast Eye quiver” will appear whenever you are near a boss that drops the rare item, and you should always try to defeat it.

You can also summon D, the character who originally directed you to the sending gate, with each boss that drops a Deathroot. Some of these bosses are tough to beat at lower levels, so don’t be ashamed to summon some much-needed health.

Each time you acquire a Deathroot, return to the Beastman Clergy for another prize. He’ll eventually turn hostile, but he’ll revert to a friendly state once you deal enough damage, and you can continue bringing Deathroot to him.

This is an optional side quest, but the Beast Eye makes it easy to tell when you can get a Deathroot, and the items given by the Gurranq can help almost any build type. Just keep an eye out for the Beast Eye message at the bottom of the screen.


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