What are Powerstones in Magic: The Gathering and how do they work?


Wizards of the Coast introduces a new artifact token for Magic: The Gathering with his new ensemble, Dominaria Unitedand players will feel like they have the power.

Powerstones are a special type of token that can only be created by two sources when Dominaria United versions.

Colorless artifacts are actually mana rocks. But unlike most mana generators, Powerstones have certain limitations. They cannot be used to cast non-artifact spells.

Image via WotC

Powerstones have an ability, and it’s about creating colorless mana that “cannot be spent to cast a non-artifact spell”. The ability requires players to simply press the Powerstone.

While you can’t cast non-artifact spells with a Powerstone, you can use this colorless mana to do other things, like activate abilities on non-artifact spells or pay taxes like protection costs.

So far only The Mana Rig and Karn, Living Legacy have the ability to create Powerstones. But both cards bring Powerstones onto the battlefield tapped. By default, however, Powerstones don’t have to enter the battlefield tapped. It’s just a stipulation on the only cards that currently produce them.

This is important because if for some reason you were to create a copy of a Powerstone, that copy would not enter the battlefield tapped. It would be immediately usable.

Since both Powerstone generation tools are rare mythic cards, players probably won’t have to worry about seeing them in a limited setting. But in Constructed, players might have to deal with this when facing artifact decks. Karn, Living Legacy could see playing in historical artifact-centric decks that are already usually running other versions of Karn as well as Ugin and Ulamog.


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