WaterField Bolt Duffel Bag Offers Style and Function


Go ahead and call WaterField Bolt Sports Bag a weekend or a versatile carry bag for a man. I have no doubt my late husband would have loved it. It’s stylish but not fancy, has plenty of appropriately sized pockets (point out this rare feature) for storing routes, tickets, metro passes, work ID, phone, or whatever else you want. wear, and is designed to withstand a lot of under-the-seat creases and pulls forcefully on its zippers.

I also like these features, but I didn’t know them at first glance. If your style is like mine –– Bohemian-meets-modern-urban –– you’re probably first drawn to the oilcloth and leather construction of this bag. I’m tempted to say it looks casual, but the truth is, the ubiquitous style reflects your personal fashion. He looks just as comfortable on a senior executive’s desk as he does near the yoga mat of a nomad without a foot.

We’ve all had duffel bags that focused on style, not function – and we’re not even talking about durability yet. As cheesy as it sounds, the Bolt sports bag is more than a pretty face – it gets the job done. Its four exterior pockets – two wide open at the ends and two smaller with magnetic closure on the front – are generously sized. No tight squeezes for your water bottle, e-reader, phone, keys, or whatever things you want close at hand. The lined pockets on the front wrap your glasses, your phone or any other easily scratched object. It’s one of those little niceties that a luxury designer includes because they know without warning that you need them.

The spacious interior of the Waterfield Design Bolt Duffle Bag is designed for organization.
Water field design

My cry with most duffel bags is interior design. No matter how carefully I pack them, I face a clutter when I look inside. The two interior compartments on the Bolt sports bag solve this problem. When you use it at the weekend, you can keep the shoes on one side, the clothes on the other. For work, slip your belongings to one side and your laptop and papers to the other. Carry by the two securely attached handles or the included shoulder strap attached to the anchored D-rings. And splash-proof YKY zippers keep your gear dry.

You can choose from large or small oilcloths, or heavy-duty ballistic nylon, in a variety of color combinations.

Buy the Bolt Sports Bag at WaterField.

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