Warzone Expert Reveals ‘Most Powerful’ Season 3 Loadout


Popular Call of Duty: Warzone content creator WhosImmortal has shared what he thinks is the “most powerful” loadout for Caldera in Season 3.

With Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded going live soon, introducing new content such as the Underground Transport System on Caldera, many may still be wondering what is the best loadout for Season 3.

Overkill is one of the most popular perks in the game, but with snipers getting significantly nerfed and set to get even worse with the Serpentine Perk, many are wondering if it’s worth it. used.

Luckily, WhosImmortal has revealed their “most powerful” loadout for Warzone Pacific Season 3, which doesn’t require Overkill.

Loading WhosImmortal Warzone Pacific Season 3

The primary weapon WhosImmortal chose for their most powerful Warzone Pacific Season 3 loadout is the STG44.

The STG44 is obviously very dominant right now, as the content creator states that the “TTK is awesome, but the control is also awesome…that’s why it’s basically the best primary in the game right now”, especially with these attachments:

  • Muzzle: MX suppressor
  • Barrel: VDD 760mm O5B
  • Optical: G16 2.5
  • Store: VDD 27 Accuracy
  • Sub-barrel: Manual stop M1941
  • Magazine: 7.62 Gorenko 50 round magazines
  • Ammunition: Elongate
  • Rear handle: Polymer handle
  • Advantage 1: nerves of steel
  • Advantage 2: fully charged

The most interesting aspect of the loadout is the secondary, the AMP. WhosImmortal states that he typically wields the Owen Pistol, which was one of the most popular weapons in Warzone Season 3. However, for this loadout, he’s going for the Black Ops Cold War AMP, which is an interesting choice since it’s not a gun that’s associated with the meta.

The Warzone content creator says it’s ideal for this loadout as a “pocket SMG”, and while it doesn’t kill as quickly as the Owen Gun, “it has great mobility and it can do well from close”.

WhosImmotal opts for the following attachments on its AMP in this upload:

  • Muzzle: Agency remover
  • Barrel: 6.4″ Workgroup
  • Laser: Spotlight on Team Tiger
  • Magazine: STANAG 30 Street
  • Rear handle: snake wrap
AMP63 Warzone Black Ops Cold War

The main benefit of running AMP is that it is a true secondary, allowing players to choose a different Perk 2 such as Restock, Tempered, or even High Alert instead of Overkill. This means players can focus on engagements much sooner without having to wait for their second Loadout Drop.

The perks WhosImmortal has chosen for this loadout are:

  • Advantage 1: Cold blood
  • Advantage 2: Restock
  • Advantage 3: amplified

Amped is important because it lets you switch weapons faster to complete kills when you’ve emptied a magazine. Cold Blooded is a great counter for Combat Scout, and Restock keeps you loaded with gear.

Definitely worth trying this loadout if you have the attachments to do so, as WhosImmortal was able to get its best kill count for Caldera with it.

If you want to try this loadout, but need to upgrade the STG44 or AMP, check when the next Double XP event should help you.

Image credits: Activision


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