“Votes in California: exercise your right!” exhibition comes to Pleasanton | New


Visitors to the museum in downtown Pleasanton on Main will be able to view historic political artifacts and memorabilia with a traveling exhibit arriving in the area this week.

The “California Votes: Exercise Your Right!” The exhibit aims to encourage engagement through politics and explain government relations at the local, state and national levels. Its non-partisan content at the Pleasanton Museum was selected to simplify concepts related to voting in the United States and shine a light on local political action.

“At this time, the right to vote and the integrity of our elections are matters of deep national concern, and California is only partially immune to this controversy,” the Conservative said. exhibit Ken MacLennan, who has worked at the museum since 2008. “‘California Votes’ provides clear and accurate information about the state’s electoral process and illuminates the historical context of our voting rights and electoral systems.”

The display will present visitors with maps, historical photographs and voting information. The timing of the show may be appropriate given the upcoming political voting season.

“With the midterm elections approaching in just a few months, it’s an especially good time to present an exhibit that demystifies the Californian election,” MacLennan said. “The traveling show includes images and ephemera of California elections dating back to the mid-19th century, illustrating various aspects of the California electoral process throughout the state’s history.”

Expo presenters hope to inspire voter turnout and enthusiasm from a wide range of audiences. They chose to administer “California Votes” in English and Spanish, giving Spanish speakers the opportunity to enjoy the show as well.

“We welcome the bilingual text as it broadens the potential audience for the exhibit,” MacLennan said.

The traveling exhibit was created by the San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum as “San Joaquin’s Vote: Exercise Your Right!” The screening was later adapted into a traveling exhibition by the non-profit organization Exhibit Envoy. The California-based nonprofit offers traveling exhibits to museums and institutions with the goal of uplifting diverse audiences and communities, according to its website.

The exhibit also features artifacts from the Museum on Main’s own collection relating to local elections, campaigns, and other political topics.

“We’ve added campaign memorabilia and election-related items,” MacLennan said. These artifacts include a school board ballot box, various pins, flyers, signage, and other items from past elections from the local to the national level.

“California Votes” aims to educate visitors about the history of voting in California and inform them about voting practices and policies.

“We hope visitors leave the show with a better understanding of the California electoral process and a heightened motivation to participate in the political process,” MacLennan said.

The Museum on Main presents “California Votes: Exercise Your Right!” from this Wednesday (August 17) to October 8. Admission is free for this exhibition and the other exhibitions of the museum. To learn more about the museum and its exhibits, visit museumonmain.org.


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