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CHILLS OF THE HUNT. Retrosaurus Rex Vintage owner Sara Sorenson hopes the primarily online store will open its physical doors by the end of this year with the help of her family.

If you haven’t heard of Menomonie’s Vintage RetrosaurusRex, you may have seen some of its pieces on the big screen. The online and soon-to-open physical store with a catchy name has quite the tale.

Sara Sorenson, the sleek, red-haired designer and sole entrepreneur behind RetrosaurusRex Vintage, has a keen eye for all things rad and vintage, hence the online store in 2013. With a true love for hunting hoarding antiques and thrift stores, Sorenson primarily specializes in clothing from the 1930s to the 80s, also picking up even older pieces and up to the 2000s. However, Marvel Studios seems to appreciate his older items.

“We’ve had some pretty good sales for movies and TV series and theaters,” Sorenson said. “Notably, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (and) Marvel Captain America: Civil War.”

Also having sold items used in the TV show Mad Menat the London Royal Opera House and the Williamstown Theater in Massachusetts, among others, Sorenson primarily sells through popular resale app Poshmark (@retrosaurusrex), though she started out on Etsy, and was recently accepted by Thrilling, a exclusive reselling platform for hand-selected sellers who have been highlighted by vogue and Refinery29among others.

With over 600 individual listings on its Poshmark platform, you’d think a good chunk of RetrosaurusRex’s inventory would be up for sale. Well, you would think wrong.

With a plethora of items ranging from Gunne Sax dresses, 80s Metallica posters, vintage Bongo and Gitano jeans, shoes, jewelry, trinkets and more, RetrosaurusRex Vintage is a fantastically curated playground for all vintage lovers.

Although she’s had thousands of sales, most of Sorenson’s items haven’t even been tagged or taken out of her home and into the building she hopes to open as a physical shopping space yet. With hundreds of items already organized on shelves lining the intricately designed walls of the future store, there is still plenty to do.

But selling vintage requires a lot of research, which often means extra time and care in repairing items.

“It takes me a long time to give up on an item, so if there are stains or something is wrong, I’ve learned over the years how to fix it,” Sorenson explained. “I’m not a master seamstress or anything, but with YouTube I taught myself how to mend or hem, and I have an army of cleaners to help remove those old stains 50 years.”

While there is money to be made in curating and reselling sought-after pieces, Sorenson most values ​​the life she is able to squeeze into each piece.

“Honestly, what I really love is when things find a new home, it’s the coolest thing,” she explained. “A lady got married overseas in a vintage dress she bought me, and it’s as if the person who gave this gift had no idea the other life this dress was going to have.”

Although business was booming, Sorenson had to take a step back due to his health. (A rare neurological diagnosis affects his daily life and movements.) His real goal with RetrosaurusRex Vintage is to solidify his family roots and pass them on to his children. With his two sons and a partner learning the ropes, Sorenson’s hobby and love of vintage conservation will hopefully become a family business.

“I hope to start (the organization) but it asks a lot of me. It has to come to the point now, though, where my boys are going to have (RetrosaurusRex) anyway,” she said. “It’s up to them whether they will continue to make it a family business, but the more I organize myself, the more base they will have.”

What her 20-something sons once thought of as just “mom’s little hobby,” Sorenson said, has the means to turn into so much more for the family.

Although the brick-and-mortar store is supposed to open in June, there’s a lot of planning inside the space to happen before it can, Sorenson said. When it opens this fall or winter, hopefully, it will be a shop by appointment where people can take their time to look through the specially curated treasure chest, finding joy in the obvious care Sorenson has taken with each piece.

Until then, follow Sara and check out some of RetrosaurusRex’s parts online through her Poshmark.

Oh, and the awesome name? As they say, some people have their best ideas in the shower, which Sorenson can attest to. “I was just in the shower and I thought, ‘RetrosaurusRex? This is it.’ I think that kind of represents me, the eccentricity, and that’s something memorable.

Be ready when RetrosaurusRex Vintage opens its doors to dates by following the company on Facebook, or head over to its Poshmark page.


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