Travel Channel Host Completes 30-Year-Old ‘To-Do List’ Item


You always like to see people achieve a dream. Travel Channel personality Jordan Hembrough recently shared that he was able to part ways with a ‘bucket list’ item and captured the joyous moment on social media. The toy hunter the host took to Twitter and Instagram to reveal he had tracked down a copy of amazing fantasy number 15. What’s so special about his publication? Well, as Marvel Comics fans know, it features the first appearance of Spider-Man. It’s a big-ticket comic, and Hembrough was thrilled to find one.

“Do you see that twinkle in my eyes, or that smile on my face?” Hembrough tweeted. “This is the result of finally tracking down a true Holy Grail… 30 years in the making. Finally finding this is a major item on my to-do list. This is Spider-Man’s first appearance.”

The hello america regularly added via Instagram, “To be lucky enough to find a six-figure rare book is truly something that makes me smile. So grateful to my amazing friends in the industry and the ever-incredible [Brian Crosby of Marvel] for entrusting me with a dream project. Today was a good day.”

Hembrough’s encounter with the legendary book, which Marvel published in August 1962, came while working with Marvel and clothing brand Kith to help organize an idle experience in Oakland Gardens, New York. To mark Spider-Man’s 60th birthday, a Marvel x Kith pop-up experience open Friday-Sunday, it houses selections from Kith’s Spider-Man line, as well as spidey collectibles from over the years (presumably including amazing fantasy 15). Fans could enter, buy merchandising and discover a space entirely dedicated to the wall-crawler.

“Paying homage to the birthplace of Peter Parker and Ronnie Fieg, we are proud to open our first pop-up store in Queens, NY,” Kith said of the pop-up store. “The Marvel | Kith Queens Convenience Pop-Up is a concept space where customers can purchase adult clothing. [and] children’s collections, as well as an assortment of vintage Spider-Man comics that we purchased. The front section of the store features a convenience store design, while a hidden door will lead you into a space to purchase the collection. “The pop-up is open until 7 p.m. ET on Sundays. By Grazia Magazine, the address for the event space is 21-50 Horace Harding Expy, Oakland Gardens, New York 11364.


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