To see! This is a rare opening commemorative lucky bag from 7-Eleven.


They say just looking at someone brings good luck.

Long-time readers of this site will no doubt know fukubukuro, or “lucky bags”, which are bags of various goods from a store sold at a discount during the New Year holidays. They are great fun, but you would be hard pressed to find one in Japan after the second week of January.

The reason for this is probably that any lucky bag spotted well after the holiday season would appear as if it hadn’t been sold, and therefore wasn’t very lucky after all. However, there have been sightings of the elusive non-New Year’s lucky bag from time to time, and one was recently found by none other than our very own PK Sanjun.

Well in mid-February, PK came across a table full of fukubukuro in front of a brand new 7-Eleven branch in Taito, Tokyo. The sign said they were “Opening commemorative lucky bags” for 2,000 yen (17 USD) each. It was definitely an unusual type of lucky bag, and looking back on it, PK didn’t even remember seeing a 7-Eleven fukubukuro among all the New Year’s in 2022 either, which made it a really rare item. .

So naturally he bought one and took it back to the office for clocking. He asked the rest of the team if they had ever seen such a thing and most said no, but one person said a new 7-Eleven they went to last year had it.

It was definitely a white lucky bag snake, and PK excitedly opened it. So, without further ado, here’s the commemorative 7-Eleven grand opening lucky bag!

Chunky Salt Potato Chips
Assorted Japanese candies
chocolate cookies
Thick potato chips eaten
Chocolate cake
Chateau (cake)
Salty Potato Snacks
Rice crackers
Peanut and chocolate clusters
Financial (cake)
Curry vegetables (moment)
Vegetable Miso Soup (moment)
soba noodles (uncooked)
Mokotanmen Nakamoto (instant ramen)

There were 14 items in total and worth 2,500 yen ($21.70), which meant PK got a savings of 500 yen ($4.34). Even better, it was a solid range of food without a heap in the pack. People sometimes scoff at the store’s branded items, but 7-Eleven Japan takes them very seriously and they often go neck and neck with the usual specialty brands in terms of quality and deliciousness.

The addition of the Mokotanmen Nakamoto ramen was particularly interesting. It’s a long-selling product and certainly has its legion of fans, but putting it in a blind lucky bag, PK thought 7-Eleven was hanging out on a bit of a limb. Then again, with more and more people in Japan embracing spicy food, it might not be such a wild addition after all.

Nonetheless, the Grand Opening Commemorative Lucky Bag is a sold out deal, so keep your eyes peeled whenever a new store opens near you.

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