This is America’s favorite Hobo Jack thing to collect


As revealed in his interview with the telegraph, Jack Sophir is completely obsessed with collecting cars and spare parts. “I’ve owned probably 100 cars in my life,” he told the publication. “I still have 30.” Sophir went on to describe how one of his lifelong hobbies was collecting, restoring and reselling cars, and it was through this hobby that he finally came into contact with the “American Pickers” cast. “. Sophir’s obsession with all things cars seemed like a perfect match for the Pickers, especially since series lead Mike Wolfe is constantly on the hunt for vintage automobiles and vehicle memorabilia.

Although cars are by far his favorite thing to collect, Sophir has also revealed that he has a particular fondness for objects made in the Victorian era. “My fascination with the Victorian era has no foundation,” he admitted. “I can’t explain it but it’s an irresistible passion.” Sophir remains to this day one of the most memorable collectors “American Pickers” has ever featured, and if the team ever decides to see him again, we’ll have to imagine that his collection of cars has only grown since last. times we’ve seen him.


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