The Vintage Lamps That Brought Over $1,000 to American Pickers


The episode in question reunited with Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz visit to a 19th century farmhouse owned by a woman who spent her life with her late husband doing exactly what the “American Pickers” duo became famous for. And their almost museum-like farmhouse was full of untold treasures, big and small. It was so full, in fact, that the family was looking to unload some treasures just to make the space a little more livable.

Among the few artifacts the woman was willing to part with was a treasure trove of vintage lamps that took up one room in the house. The stash of lamps was so impressive that Frank let out an audible “squeal” as he entered the room. And the self-proclaimed “lamp guy” created a legit b-line to a wall displaying several stained-glass lamps.

After a brief history lesson on these objects, it’s easy to see why, with the Picker himself estimating that each lamp is nearly a century old. He quickly struck deals for a pair of them totaling $1,000. Almost before viewers could blink, he secured deals for two more for a total of $1,300. In total, Frank turned on a massive payment of $2,300 for transporting four lamps. While it’s not the most expensive item ever purchased on “American Pickers,” we bet the team has rarely been so generous when it comes to lamps.

And yes, we’d love to know what these stained glass beauties ultimately sold for.


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