The United States and Jordan launch the inventory of mobile artifacts of the Kingdom…


AMMAN — In cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, the Department of Antiquities and the American Center of Research, US Ambassador Henry T. Wooster launched the first comprehensive national inventory of movable cultural artifacts in Jordan, according to a press release.اضافة اعلان

The joint statement from the U.S. Embassy and the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism indicates that the launch event was also attended by the Deputy Under Secretary for Iran, Iraq and the Office of Public Diplomacy of the United States. Near East Affairs, Jennifer Gavito.

Director of the American Center for Pearce Research Paul Creasman joined, as well as Director General of the Department of Antiquities Fadi Al-Balawi.

The ceremony followed the first return of artifacts under a memorandum of understanding signed in 2019, which took place in March 2022 and received national coverage. The transfer of these antiquities was coordinated by the United States Department of Homeland Security, the United States Department of State, the New York District Attorney’s Office, the United States Embassy in Amman, as well as the Jordanian Ministry of foreign affairs, the ministry of tourism, the department of antiquities. , and the Embassy of Jordan in the United States.

Antiquities are the cornerstone of Jordanian tourism, economy and culture. The statement said the U.S. Embassy in Amman supports the preservation and restoration of Jordanian antiquities and historic sites through numerous initiatives, including the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation, which has provided more than $3 million. dollars in funding to 20 restoration projects across Jordan in the past 21 years.

In addition, USAID Jordan supports the project “Sustainable Cultural Heritage through Engaging Local Communities”, implemented by the American Center of Research, which generates employment opportunities for local communities and promotes tourism. and cultural exchanges.

Attendees celebrated the launch as “an important milestone in the preservation of Jordan’s cultural antiquities and diplomatic cooperation between the United States and Jordan to protect Jordan’s rich cultural heritage,” the statement said.

The development of the Jordanian National Inventory of Movable Cultural Objects, funded by the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation, “demonstrates the United States’ dedication to preserving Jordan’s cultural heritage.”

“This investment is just a starting point,” Gavito noted, noting that she foresees the creation of a national inventory “will be a turning point in efforts to preserve Jordan’s cultural heritage.”

The Inventory Project is a creative new collaboration between the United States and Jordan, stemming from the bilateral Memorandum of Understanding on the Protection of Cultural Heritage Assets signed in December 2019.

“This inventory will of course help to recover trafficked artefacts in the future,” Wooster asserted, adding that it “will also help the many museums and centers in Jordan to responsibly present its cultural heritage. , which in turn will boost the economy through tourism.”

Balawi from the Department of Antiquities highlighted the concern of Jordan, represented by his office, to preserve cultural heritage in Jordan by keeping track of antiquities inside and outside Jordan. He also praised cooperation with the United States on the creation of Jordan’s first comprehensive national inventory of antiquities.

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