The Russian Icon Collection buys museum-quality rare antique icons


Russian Icon Collection is interested in buying rare antique Russian icons. The online gallery is looking for original museum-quality relics.

Russian Icon Collection, an online icon gallery with a long reputation and experience, buys old Russian icons in good condition. Since icon making is such a big deal these days, the company seeks honest icon owners and can help with the authentication and appraisal of museum-quality sacred images. The gallery is interested in relics depicting Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Trinity, saints, angels, archangels, scenes from the Old and New Testaments, etc. As for the size, experts have no particular preferences and can buy both small and large Russian icons.

The online gallery specializes in maintaining collections of religious icons, administering estates, preserving and restoring ancient icons, compiling reports and reviews, and consulting insurers and collectors. . With industry knowledge, Russian Icon Collection can turn the process of selling religious items into a hassle-free experience. The gallery is made up of seasoned specialists with a perfect knowledge of the history of iconography. He also collaborates with other leading experts in the art of the Russian icon to give his clients unerring accuracy.

Russian Icon Collection buys antique orthodox icons of any type, format, theme and size. The only two requirements are that they must be genuine and of good quality and undamaged. In addition, buyers should know that the gallery favors works dating from the 16th-19th centuries. Once someone offers an icon to professionals, a number of essential factors are considered before they can quote a price for the item. The team performs several checks to gather as much information as possible about the quality, condition, provenance, authenticity and rarity of the object. As a bonus, prior expert consultations are free, which means anyone can request a free verbal estimate of the icons and get an approximate price for the piece based on the current art market situation.

To sell icons to Russian Icon Collection, contact the gallery by email or phone. Prior to this date, it is recommended that customers gather and organize all available information to make it easier for icon experts to find. The gallery has a long history of working at the forefront of the industry, so every seller is dealt with quickly and efficiently. Russian icons are a valuable type of antiques that span centuries of development, which is why working with established companies is the safest and most efficient way to sell antique religious relics.

About Russian Icon Collection

Founded by Oleg Kushnirskiy, Russian Icon Collection is one of the leading online galleries of ancient Russian icons. It represents the most accurate compilation of all the knowledge and expertise acquired over many years of collecting and selling museum-quality rare and famous religious icons. Originally created to preserve this sacred art form and to display the true masterpieces of Eastern Orthodox iconography, the Russian Icon Collection has become a reliable place where anyone can appreciate and sell authentic antique icons and religious artifacts, as well as employing professional restoration, consulting, management and appraisal services provided by the most qualified experts in the field.


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