The Pierce Presidential Medal joins the list


This week, we’re adding just one new product to the list: the Silver Presidential Medal honoring Franklin Pierce, 14th President of the United States. After a week of availability, 12,742 medals have been sold. This initial total already exceeds the current sales totals of the previous three medals, those of Millard Fillmore, Zachary Taylor and James K. Polk.

The 2022 plate set continues to perform very well. This week’s total of 359,347 is up 3,842 from last week.

As this is written on October 12, we note that although Buffalo gold bullion totals were calculated for the start of October – 21,500 so far and 387,500 year to date – American Eagle bullion sales were not updated. The totals for platinum, gold and silver remain unchanged from last week. No October issue is recorded on the Mint’s website.

As for future new releases, we won’t see anything until the United States Mint and Mighty Minters holiday ornaments are available on October 21. These will be followed by the American Women’s Quarter for Anna May Wong on October 25 and the 2022 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set on October 26. After that, there is only one product left on the Mint’s 2022 calendar, the American Innovation $1 Reverse Proof Set on November 14.


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