The most valuable coins minted after 2020, including Lincoln pennies that sell for up to $822


Coins with ancient dates aren’t the only ones selling for a fortune – a few minted in recent years are also very valuable.

For more than two centuries, the US Mint has produced coins.


Some of these pieces have errors

Some of the most valuable coins that collectors are likely to be familiar with include the 1909 Lincoln VBD cent, the 1955 double-sided penny, and the 1932 Washington quarter.

To find rare coins, you can check places in your house or any places where you can store change.

Other things you can try include using a metal detector in areas known for buried treasure and stopping at your local bank branch to ask for a coin wrapper.

You can also try to get a good deal online through USA Coin Book or eBay.

A rare Lincoln penny sells for $386 online - is there one in your piggy bank?
Henning Jefferson's rare nickel sells for $147 online - do you have one?

But be sure to research the part first and find out what it is worth before buying and beware of possible counterfeits.

You may have minted a coin in recent years that is worth hundreds of dollars.

Reasons that might increase its value include the note, or if there is an error present.

We list a few pieces below that have sold for up to $822.

All have been listed by sellers as released, which means they may appear in your alternate currency.

2020 $5 Gold Coin – $223

This gold coin weighs only a tenth of an ounce


This gold coin weighs only a tenth of an ounce

Someone struck gold after finding an American eagle coin with a face value of $5 after selling it for over $200.

For those unfamiliar with this design, it features an image of Lady Liberty on the obverse holding a torch in one hand.

The image of the eagle is on the back.

In total, the mint produced four different weight types of US gold eagle coins.

The one that recently sold on eBay for $223 weighs just a tenth of an ounce – the smallest of the four.

Although ungraded, the seller claims the coin has circulated.

“Please review photos to determine grade,” the seller said.

Meanwhile, FindBullionPrices pegs the “melt value” of the tenth-ounce coin at nearly $196.

2021 Lincoln penny – $247

This piece with a die crack sold for $247


This piece with a die crack sold for $247

Those who have minted Lincoln pennies in recent years will want to watch out for errors.

One with a matrix crack error with a date of 2021 sold for $247.

This can occur during the coining process when enough pressure is exerted on a die resulting in a crack.

In this example you can clearly see a crack on the obverse running from the right edge, through Lincoln’s body, continuing to the edge on the other side.

And since the error extends from one edge to the other of the part, it is called an edge-to-edge matrix crack.

2021 Lincoln Penny – $272

A different example of a rim-to-rim crack sold for $272


A different example of a rim-to-rim crack sold for $272

Another Lincoln penny with the same error sold for $272 online after 16 bids.

Also, the error is in the same place as above.

It’s worth checking your change to see if you have a coin with a broken corner, as these errors can sell for “a few dollars to several hundred dollars,” according to collector’s blog US Coins Guide.

In fact, GJ Lawson, a resident of Hampton, Va., found 18 Lincoln error pennies at his local pharmacy, Numismatic News reported last year.

2021 Lincoln Penny – $822

It is unclear if this was caused by mint, but there is damage and missing functionality


It is unclear if this was caused by mint, but there is damage and missing functionality

There’s also a mystery with another Lincoln penny with a date of 2021.

Although there are damages and missing features, it is unclear if this error occurred through the mint.

In particular, there is a line that runs vertically through the center of Lincoln’s head and almost his entire upper body.

This splits the image of the abolitionist in two.

There is also a line running horizontally across Lincoln’s nose to the back of his head.

Also, most of the letters for “In God We Trust” are missing at the top.

The year 2021 is featured, with another date at the bottom of the obverse which is upside down.

“Just to clarify, I am in no way saying this is a genuine error piece,” the seller wrote in a description.

“I found this in a roll of coins from the bank that was part of a collection I bought. It could be a damaged coin.

Nevertheless, collectors were intrigued, pushing the bids up to $821.59.

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