The Last of Us Part 1: The Outskirts – All Artifact Locations


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Similar to The last of us part 1The optional conversations, artifacts, and notes are a great insight into the deep world-building the game sets up. While you can certainly get a full picture of the game’s main narrative, the artifacts provide so much additional context and information that they almost feel necessary when fully discussing the events of the game.

That said, Artifacts are entirely optional, so you won’t have to worry about pausing the story to search for hidden collectibles unless you try. The last of us part 1platinum trophy. The “Chronicle” trophy requires the player to find all artifacts and notes, so you’ll need to be extra careful if you’re looking to find them all…or just follow the guide below.

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#1: As soon as you take control of Joel in the level, you’ll find yourself in a dimly lit apartment. Tess will be in a room looking out the window (you can talk to her for one of the game’s optional conversations) and the first artifact of the chapter is right next to you when you take control. It’s a note on a small table next to the lamp.

#2: After going down the elevator with Tess and Ellie, you’ll be prompted to continue through a blown hole in the brick wall. Instead of crossing it, walk to the other side of the room and you will find a map next to two boilers.


#1: After passing Fedra, you will find your group on the streets in the rain. After climbing up to the main street section, you will cross an old road intersection which has a large hole blown out of the center. To the right of the hole, there is a car that has hit a lamppost. To the left of the lamp you will find a note.

#2: Once you enter the Goldstone building, you’ll find yourself climbing a flight of stairs. At the first level, you will find a corpse. Sitting next to the body is a field journal.

#3: As you progress through the level, you’ll find yourself in the broken down subway. Tess will eventually stop to look at a body noticing it was a Firefly based on the patch on her sleeve. Walk past her towards the walled stair exit and you’ll find another body sitting under a sign that says “Transfer to Orange”. Next to the body you will find a map.

#4: When you get to the section of the subway where you need to sneak past full clickers, sneak around the left side of the area, being careful of the runner eating a nearby body. Enter the convenience store and stand behind the counter. Near the cash register, you will be able to open a drawer where you will find a ticket with a security code on it. The code is 03-43-78.


#1: When you start the chapter, you’ll have to push a trash can up a ramp and into a big truck. Climb on it and jump to the other side. Turn around and you’ll notice the truck is open. Climb inside and you will find a note.

The Capitol building

#1: Follow Ellie and Tess up two flights of stairs right at the start of the section (it starts immediately after a cutscene where Joel and Ellie are looking at the building in the distance.) Instead of continuing to follow them through the level, do turn around and look in the area directly to the left of the stairs. You’ll see a corpse in the corner where you can grab a note.

#2: In the section where Joel is swimming in the flooded subway, you’ll find a corpse leaning on a wall next to some stairs. It is located on the left side of the area after climbing a flooded wagon. To the right of the body is a note.


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