The eye-popping asking price for a rocket car on America’s Pickers


You read correctly. A season 12 episode of “American Pickers” found Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz bidding on an actual rocket car. Well, sort of. To be clear, the rocket car the Pickers found was not actually rocket-powered and was deemed 100% street legal by the state of California. It has, however, been ingeniously designed to look like a rocket ship straight out of the pages of a classic comic book.

Mike and Frank stumbled across the wondrous machinery in an episode aptly titled “Rocket Man.” There, the dynamic antiques duo land in Los Angeles and head to the home of an enigmatic local artist and metalworker, Baron Margo. What they found in the baron’s backyard and studio was a veritable treasure trove of sci-fi inspired artwork. This included a cache of spaced out cars and motorcycles that the Baron built himself, with the aforementioned rocket car nestled among them. And yes, the Pickers were rightfully surprised when the Baron offered them a $50,000 price tag for the vehicle.

If you’re wondering why the price was so high, it’s because the Baron rightly viewed the marvelous machine as a unique, fully functional work of pop art. Although Mike and Frank had fun testing the vehicle, the asking price ended up being too high for them to choose.


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