The Clone Wars introduced a forgotten lightsaber as rare as the Darksaber


The Clone Wars introduced the Darksaber to Star Wars lore, but there was another rare lightsaber introduced that has since been forgotten.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars famous revealed the Darksaber to star wars public, but there was another rare lightsaber introduced in the series that has since been forgotten. The Darksaber has stuck in the minds of viewers thanks to its inclusion in star wars rebels, The Mandalorianand The Boba Fett Book. In these shows, the history of the object and the power it symbolizes is regularly evoked. However, in the clone wars, another blade as rare as the Darksaber has been introduced and its reappearance has yet to occur in canon.

A specific bow in The Clone Wars follows a group of young Jedi as they search for their own kyber crystals and then train their lightsabers. They built these blades with the support of an ancient droid who has been helping young people make blades for over 1,000 years because he believes the lightsaber is the best weapon for a Jedi. One of the youngsters named Gungi was a Wookiee, a rarity among Jedi. After finding his kyber crystal, he was told to use the Force to visualize what his hilt should look like.


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Gungi has decided that his clone wars blade would be made of wood, a rare, heat-resistant wood called Brylark. It was only fitting that such a rare hilt should be designed for such a rare species within the Jedi Order. As a Wookiee, Gungi grew up on Kashyyyk, a mostly forested planet with incredibly tall trees. Presumably, Gungi made the connection with a wooden hilt to reflect her origins as the Wookiee of Kashyyyk. Its Brylark wood hilt would also have ensured that the lightsaber couldn’t be sabotaged or malfunctioned so easily.

Gungi Wooden Lightsaber in Star Wars The Clone Wars

Gungi’s all-wood handle The Clone Wars is unique in star wars cannon. It was the first and last instance in star wars that a wooden lightsaber has been seen, used, or mentioned. The unexplored nature of this unusual lightsaber arguably makes this blade even rarer than the Darksaber, which is now well documented and well known in canon. The closest example of another wooden blade is seen in-game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderwhere the user can customize and change the color of their lightsaber and can adapt their metal hilt to have wood trim.

It would be great to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars Gungi and his rare wooden lightsaber reappear in cannon. The highly indestructible nature of Brylark wood could be a good rival for The Mandalorian‘s beskar spear in terms of stand-out star wars weapons. With future animated projects on the horizon, continued live-action adaptations, and many Jedi Wookiee beginning to appear in the High Republic in star wars books and comics, chances are that fascinating and rare lightsaber chill will resurface once again.

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