The cafe’s mosaic wall has stood the test of time


A DUMFRIES man took a step back when he visited a cafe from his childhood which features a very special wall.

Peter Angelini, a well-known poet, was delighted to visit old family friend Marco Fusi at the Drumlanrig Cafe in Thornhill, which has been owned by the Fusi family since it opened in 1929.

And Peter was delighted to still see in situ a wall of mosaics that he helped to create when he was a child.

The Fusi family first met the Angelinis after World War II, when the latter family emigrated to the UK.

Peter’s father was a skilled mosaic tiler and was commissioned by Marco’s grandfather to make a beautiful wall piece for the cafe. And Peter helped his father with heavy work and heavy lifting, while learning the trade.

ROAD TO 100. . . Opened in 1929, the Café’s 100th anniversary is in 2029

Their tiled efforts have become a focal point for the cafe, delighting many customers over the years.

Joining the two men at the cafe was Hope Vere Anderson, a member of the Society of Antiquaries Scotland, who came to inspect the wall.

He has found it to remain in excellent condition despite the Scottish weather.

Meanwhile, Peter has offered his services to renovate and rejuvenate it if need be before the cafe’s centenary seven years from now.


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