The best Yanfei build in Genshin Impact (weapons, artifacts, and talents)


Yanfei is a 4 star Pyro Catalyst user who can deal high AoE damage. Here are which artifacts, weapons, and talents work best on her in Genshin Impact.

As the second half of Genshin Impact The version 2.0 update is approaching, many players will shoot the limited banner of the long-awaited 5-star character Yoimiya. For this reason, players will earn new 4 stars to add to their character collection. One of the top-rated characters on this banner that players may not have, or have yet to build, is Liyue’s brilliant legal adviser, Yanfei.

Yanfei is a 4-star Pyro Catalyst user who can deal high AoE damage with large numbers if built correctly. Yanfei is a great primary DPS thanks to his damage, but can also be used as a sub-DPS that focuses on elemental reactions. Here are which artifacts, weapons, and talents work best on Yanfei to maximize his potential.

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How to build Yanfei in Genshin Impact

As a Catalyst user, Yanfei deals Pyro damage exclusively. His abilities focus on using his charged attacks to deal the most damage, which are charged with his normal attacks.

Normal Attack: Seal of Approval

  • Yanfei shoots fireballs that treat up to three counts of Pyro DMG. Each normal attack grants him a scarlet seal, of which Genshin ImpactYanfei’s Yanfei can carry a maximum of 3. Each Scarlet Seal decreases Yanfei’s Stamina consumption and disappears when she leaves the field. Her charged attack consumes all of her Scarlet Seals and inflicts DMG Pyro AoE on opponents. Charged attack’s AoE and DMG increase the more Scarlet Seals are consumed

Elementary skill: Signed edict

  • Yanfei summons searing flames that inflict AoE Pyro DMG. If the skill hits an enemy, Yanfei gets the maximum number of Scarlet Seals.

Elemental explosion: deal done

  • Yanfei unleashes a barrage of flames that rushes at nearby opponents, inflicting Pyro AoE DMGs and granting Yanfei the maximum number of Scarlet Seals. This burst also applies Brilliance to Yanfei, who periodically grants him a Scarlet Seal.

Yanfei deals most of his damage with his charged attacks, so players will want to increase his normal attack first in Genshin Impact. Next, players can focus on her Elemental Skill, which is useful thanks to her short cooldown, and then focus on her Elemental Burst. For artifacts, a 4-piece Crimson Witch of Flames set works best on Yanfei, as it offers a 15% increase in Pyro DMG, as well as a 40% increase on Overloaded and Burning DMG. Additionally, using an elemental skill increases the damage bonus by 15% by 50%, which is great for Yanfei as she has a very short cooldown on her skill.

Yes Genshin Impact players lack good artifacts in the Crimson Witch set, they can also use a 4 piece set of the vagabond troop. This set increases Charged Attack DMGs by 35% for Catalyst users, which can dramatically increase Yanfei’s damage. As the main DPS, Yanfei’s main artifact stats should focus on increasing ATK output. This means she works best with an ATK% Hourglass, Pyro DMG Bonus Cup, and Crit DMG or Crit Rate Hat (depending on which stat is missing). For its sub-stats, players should focus on ATK%, Crit DMG, and Crit Rate, as with most main DPS units. As a sub-DPS, players can also develop Elemental Mastery if they wish to increase the damage caused by its reactions.

For his weapon, the Skyward Atlas is his best location. As a 5-star weapon with a bonus ATK stat, it allows Yanfei to deal high damage. Additionally, the weapon’s effect increases Elemental DMG bonus by 12% and has a chance to deal 160% ATK with a normal attack every 15 seconds. For 4-star weapons, players can use a Widsith for the Crit DMG bonus (and the chance of a 60% ATK or 48% Elemental DMG increase). However, most Genshin Impact 4-star weapons with an ATK, Crit Rate, or Crit DMG bonus work decently on Yanfei.

As a DPS unit, Yanfei can work well in a variety of team compositions. Any Hydro character (like Xingqiu) is great for setting up vaporization reactions, and another Pyro unit will grant Pyro elemental resonance, which will further increase Yanfei’s attack. Yanfei can be used as a primary DPS or as an Elemental Reaction dealer depending on how she is built, so players can choose the team and build that best suits them.

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Genshin Impact is available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Mobile.

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