The best weapons and artifacts guide for Sayu in Genshin Impact


Tiny but nimble, lazy but masterful – Sayu is all kinds of surprises in one little package. Arrival in mid-season of Genshin Impact Version 2.0, Sayu becomes available with Yoimiya, after the Ayaka banner ends. This pint-sized ball of cuteness is no slouch, with her ninjutsu honed from a young age. Her small size compared to her peers has troubled her and therefore uses her refined skills to find a spot and take a quiet nap throughout the day.

Sayu is a 5-star Anemo claymore character, able to heal his allies and deal damage to Anemo at the same time. Packed with many uses, she can navigate the battlefield with her elemental skill, while still having a consistent source of whirlwind reactions with her elemental burst. Because of this, she is a great Viridescent Venerer support, which greatly amplifies the elemental damage done by transporting a team. Sayu is very similar to Jean, but is notably more accessible being a 4-star character. Claymore-wielding support characters are not common, and players will have plenty of unused Support Claymores in their inventory, ready to be leveled up for Sayu’s use.

Capability overview

Yoohoo Art: Fuuin Dash is Sayu’s elementary skill. When in a hurry, Sayu rolls forward a short distance and performs a whirling kick, dealing Anemo damage. When held, it rolls continuously for up to 10 seconds, increasing its resistance to interruption. Its throw also absorbs the first element it comes in contact with, dealing additional damage.

Fuuin Dash is quite interesting. He gives Sayu a lot of versatility during combat. Doing a press version of the skill allows for greater energy gain, thanks to its brief 6 second cooldown. Maintaining the skill gives her a longer cooldown of up to 11 seconds, but she does offer a mobility or evasion option. Having the ability to zoom continuously for 10 seconds can be very nifty, especially in extreme situations.

Yoohoo Art: Mujina Flurry is the elemental bursting of Sayu. Sayu immediately heals the entire party, distributes Anemo DMG to nearby opponents, then summons a Muji-Muji Daruma to the field. The Muji-Muji Daruma has three functions with certain conditions. If all nearby characters have HP above 70%, he will attack nearby opponents with Anemo DMG. If there are active characters with HP below 70% HP, this will heal the active character with the lowest HP percentage. If there are no opponents nearby, it will heal active characters regardless of the threshold.

The Burst is quite difficult, but it serves its purpose very well: heal allies and deal periodic Anemo damage. What makes this so much stronger is very similar to Bennett, who unlocks his first constellation. The first constellation of Sayu allows the Muji-Muji Daruma to ignore HP thresholds and can heal and attack at the same time.

Sayu’s first passive talent, YooHoo Art: the secret of the silent, is what the estate’s farmers will certainly love. When Sayu is in the party, your active characters will not surprise the Crystalflies and some other creatures by approaching them.

Someone more competent is Sayu’s second passive talent. When Sayu triggers a Whirlwind Reaction while active, she heals all characters for 300 HP and an additional 1.2 HP for each point of Elemental Mastery she has. This talent isn’t very useful, since Sayu must be active to trigger this effect. Although there may be situations where it can help, especially during times when she’s rolling to avoid opponents.

“No work today!” is Sayu’s third passive talent. This talent enhances the Muji-Muji Daruma, allowing him to additionally heal nearby characters by 20% more and increase the AoE of his Anemo attacks. This talent simply enhances an already strong ability, making Sayu a very powerful Anemo support overall.

Best weapon picks for Sayu

Pride in the sky – Not only does he provide a good amount of energy recharge, but his Starbase Attack improves his healing ability by a ton. If you happen to have a seated Skyward Pride, Sayu can certainly put it to good use.

Sacrificial swordfish – The Sacrificial Weapon series has always been known for its ability to activate battery holders, and Sayu is no exception. This weapon allows Sayu to activate his elemental skill twice, providing double the energy per spin, or even doubling your chance to evade. His Energy Recharge sub-stat and high base ATK are just cherries on top, further enhancing his healing abilities.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa – This new craftable claymore from Inazuma is a new addition and is a great option available if you don’t have Sacrificial Greatsword yet. He provides a high amount of energy recharge, while his passive also provides a constant amount of energy to help him get in line faster.

Best Artifact Set for Sayu

Viridescent Plating (4 pieces) – There really is no reason to go for anything other than this set, due to its powerful 4-piece effect. Lowering the enemy’s elemental RES by 40% is no joke, as it dramatically increases your transport’s elemental damage. For stats, you want to focus on energy recharge on your sands first, and ATK on other parts. Getting a healing bonus on your tiara is also very good in this case. If you hit Constellation 6 on your Sayu, you can go for a triple-EM combo with your sands, goblet, and tiara, which greatly increases the overall performance of the Muji-Muji Daruma.

Building a team around the Mujina Ninja

Viridescent Venerer Support + Healer – The great thing about Sayu is that she can fulfill two critical roles simultaneously: applying the Viridescent Venerer debuff, while still being able to consistently heal your entire team. If your transport deals a lot of damage (of a single item), Sayu easily increases that while providing adequate support. People like Hu Tao, Ayaka, and Klee would definitely love to have Sayu on their team.

Xiao Battery – Xiao’s explosion costs a lot of energy and depletes his health over time. Sayu can resolve both of these issues, given that she is equipped with a Sacrificial Greatsword.

Deputy DPS Sayu – Surprisingly, Sayu’s damage counts are quite good and can deal a fair amount of damage offscreen when built correctly. You might want to find a standard DPS setup from your VV artifacts for this, like creating Anemo DMG% and Critical stats. Once that’s all sorted out, leave the Muji-Muji Daruma on the field and watch him blast enemies while your active character does their own work. For C6 Sayu, EM stacking could be even better, allowing for stronger vortices thanks to version 1.6’s EM buffs.

Sayu has a lot of charms in a nice little package and will surprise a lot of players with the number of things she can do on her own. She will look a lot like Bennett and Diona, who are currently the main supporters of many teams, thanks to the utility they provide. Don’t give up on her, and she won’t disappoint you, as long as she doesn’t sleep soundly, of course.

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