Star Wars’ New Force Rules Guarantee the Return of the Sith


With the reveal of a new artifact in Star Wars lore, the rules of the Force have changed…essentially ensuring the return of the Sith.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #19

While the threat of Sith has more than once seemingly been eradicated from the galaxy in the past by the hands of the Jedi, it is destined to resurface based on new rules set in star wars traditions. The Sith once existed completely unchecked in the galaxy during the days of the Old Republic, with Sith drones wreaking havoc wherever they went. Though the chaos and destruction they brought to the galaxy was nothing compared to what they brought to their own system, with each Sith constantly plotting against another, thus triggering the Sith Rule of Two. However, the Sith have every chance to rise again like they did during the Old Republic as their ultimate weapon against the Jedi has just been revealed.


In Star Wars: Doctor Alpha #19 by Alyssa Wong and Minkyu Jung, skilled thief Kho Phon Farrus breaks into Bar’leth University to obtain a powerful artifact. Simultaneously, Doctor Aphra and his teammate Sana fly through the cosmos en route to college in an attempt to do the same. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ll be too late and the artifact in question is sure to land in the questionable hands of Kho, and after Doctor Aphra explains what this artifact is and what kind of power it wields, they are determined not to let that happen.

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The artifact Kho and Aphra are looking for is known as Spark, and the reason it’s so coveted is because it has the power to turn people into Sith. The Spark was created by the Ascendant, a cult aligned with the Dark Side of the Force, with the intention of emulating the raw power of the Dark Side. With this revelation, the return of the Sith is inevitable in the future of star wars traditions. The Spark is brought to light in this issue which takes place between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, just before the fall of the Empire and by association the fall of the Sith. Since a weapon like this exists, the Sith are sure to come back stronger than ever, especially if they let go of their one rule.

Star Wars essentially guarantees the return of the Sith.

Due to the chaos they wreaked, the Sith established a law to ensure that there would only be two at a time, a master and an apprentice. The Sith Rule of Two saved the Dark Side from the Force, but after the Emperor and Darth Vader died together on the Death Star in Return of the Jedithe old ways of the Sith may not hold as much weight, and if people can be turned into a Sith through the use of this spark, then there’s nothing stopping them from creating an army like it was in the Old Republic.

Given the timeline of this comic, the Spark may become more prevalent in the Star Wars universe in the near future. Fan favorite shows The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s Book take place only a few years later Return of the Jediwhich took place shortly after the events of Doctor Aphra. Unless Doctor Aphra finds a way to neutralize this weapon, it could seep into the wider star wars the universe and the SithThe return of is basically guaranteed.

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