Skyrim: how to join the thieves guild?


Welcome to our “Skyrim: How to Join the Thieves Guild?” guide. In Skyrim, becoming part of the Thieves Guild is a simple process. Before becoming a member, players must complete various trials in Riften.

How to join the Thieves Guild in Skyrim?

The Thieves Guild is one of the easiest factions in Skyrim to join. It’s located in Riften, which means getting to this remote southeast town is probably the hardest part. It’s not as far as it looks, as a car can be rented in any major city. No matter how you enter the Thieves Guild, their entry tests are simple enough for a beginner to complete. Normally, using the quick-save function guarantees the success of pickpocketing and theft. The Thieves Guild’s first task seems so forgiving that succeeding or failing doesn’t matter.

Most players first discover the Thieves Guild by completing the main mission until Delphine is located. After infiltrating the Thalmor Embassy, ​​she will lead you to the Ratways under Riften in “A Cornered Rat”. To reach Esbern, players must first go through The Ragged Flagon, which also features Brynjolf & the Thieves Guild. Brynjolf will still accept you into the Thieves Guild if you can get to Riften before the main questline. On a new save, head to Whiterun and take a horse-drawn carriage to Riften. In the market, look for Brynjolf, which can sometimes be found in the Bee & Barb pub. Talk to him to start your way to the Thieves Guild.

What are the benefits of joining Theives Guild?

A loose gang of enforcers and thieves, this Skyrim Thieves Guild is also a form of brotherhood that offers its members privileged treatment, special goods, as well as access to many of the game’s finest magical gear. designed for thieves and stealth players. Each of the three sets can only be accessed through a Skyrim Thieves Guild Main Quest. Obtain Chillrend, the Daedric Artifact – Skeleton Key, and a Reusable Hook. Players earn much more than material things. There are plenty of free hooks and other handy items for thieves. Guards will start taking bribes in exchange for turning the other way, without having the associated bribe benefit. You can even fill a trophy crate by completing challenging Radiant tasks or finding it along the way.

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