Saints Row: History’s Most Absurd Moments


New Saints Row was recently released, and unlike some previous installments, the new title is a reboot that attempts to capture the earlier games’ more grounded mix of comedy and drama. After Saints Row IV saw the protagonist protect Earth from aliens as President of the United States, the series fully embraced the absurd, and the prospect of returning to the original premise of building a criminal empire seemed impossible. This Saints Row at least partially returns to the series’ roots, but there are still plenty of absurd moments in its crime-centric story.


[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Saints Row (2022).]The 2022 reboot takes place in a Las Vegas-like town called Santo Ileso, and like Stilwater and Steelport in the first three episodes, crime in the town is initially controlled by three factions. Saints RowThe promising new chapter of follows the traditionally unnamed player character and his housemates as they form their own gang in a bid to take over the new setting. The gangs in this entry require some suspension of disbelief, but they’re reminiscent Saints Row: The Thirdfrom the overly thematic, semi-cyberpunk crime range.

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Among the Saints’ rivals are the Panteros, a more traditional group straight out of the top two Saints Row Games; the idols, a neon-laden high-tech communist organization similar to Saints Row: The Thirdof Deckers; and an Ultor Corporation-like private military company, Marshall Defense Industries. Like some previous installments, the game’s side quests take the form of Saints Row, intended to strengthen the gang’s control over Santo Ileso. Whereas a previous title was set in Hell and allowed players to recruit Vlad the Impaler, the new Saints Row doesn’t get as absurd, but there are still some very goofy story beats.

The Saints win a LARP tournament

This part of the plot reigns supreme as Saints Rowmost absurd moment in history. The protagonist, who was fired from his job at Marshall Defense Industries, joins his roommate Eli in an annual live role-playing tournament. The mission begins as a way to return to the protagonist’s former boss, who is obsessed with the event, and leads the player to establish their own LARP faction. This allows the player to take over an entire area of ​​the city that somehow generates revenue, so it’s less of a throwaway gag and more of an instrumental step in Santo Ileso’s decision. Clearly the Saints Row the reboot didn’t learn much from previous games; it looked like Saints Row: The Thirdthe craziest moments, when the Boss enters a virtual reality network to confront the leader of the Deckers, or when the gang stars in a sci-fi movie. While the LARP Tournament is technically more plausible, it’s equally odd given the premise of the series.

Boss guards Mayan artifact at museum gala

A decent part of the story is devoted to fighting over a Mayan artifact, an entertaining conflict, but quite absurd in itself. At first, the protagonist acts as the head of museum security for Marshall Defense, and his inability to protect the artifact at the gala is the reason he falls out with the company in the first place. The IndianaJones-as the conflict is at least rooted in reality, but it’s a bold way to start Saints Row‘s new story considering the previous debut. As ridiculous as it turned out, at least Saints Row: The Third started with a classic bank robbery. Publicly stealing known treasure seems like an ineffective move for an organized crime network, and it begs the question: where can a stolen Mayan artifact be sold?

The boss drives a tank through the city

Towards the end of Saints Rowthe protagonist steals a Marshall Defense tank and uses it to destroy a part of Santo Ileso similar to Saints Row: The Thirdthe Tank Mayhem mini-game. The stunt is meant to harm Marshall Defense’s stock price at the expense of hundreds of innocent lives, and while there’s probably a better way to make the company look bad, it seems very true for the best. . Saints Row Games. The previous futuristic private military groups Ultor and STAG were incredibly destructive, and above all, Saints RowThe chariot ride is a relatively tame final battle.


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