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Samantha Rubadue, a student at Marietta College, recently received the top award from the National Electronic Media Association. (Photo provided)

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Ironton’s Samantha Rubadue, Class of 2022 at Marietta College, won the National Electronic Media Association’s top prize for her undergraduate research on childhood sexual abuse in high-risk neighborhoods.

“I am extremely grateful to the faculty members who supported me and gave me the opportunity to compete,” said Rubadue. “Our communication skills have always been great at helping us engage and giving us the tools to build a strong portfolio, and the department-wide support has really encouraged me to take advantage of the opportunities that have been presented to me. presented.”

For his research project, “Monsters in the Masses: A S02E12 Critical Analysis of Criminal Minds Related to Childhood Sexual Abuse in High-Risk Neighborhoods”, Rubadue took a media artifact, the TV show, and analyzed it using critical rhetoric to see how the show represented the dissonance between reporting or not reporting a part of the victim passes to the both socially and psychologically and where providers lack public health information, selections of community leaders and adequate support systems.

“While Sam is definitely gifted, she is a good representative of the number of well-rounded students who take advantage of every opportunity in our department to grow professionally,” Communication professor Marilee Morrow said. “I am so proud that his hard work has been recognized with national production awards from the National Electronic Media Association NBS-AERho’s. These are proof that she applied what she learned. I’m sure his incredible work ethic will carry over into graduate school.

Rubadue, the on-campus WCMO-TV station manager, will continue her education in the fall by attending the University of Cincinnati. It will be part of the Master of Arts in Communication program.

“I really hope that more of our students decide to join groups like NBS-AERho and take the opportunity to submit what they have created to competitions,” said Rubadue. “You have a great opportunity to connect with professionals and other students, and it’s also a fantastic resume or graduate application generator.”

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