Resolve Marine has contracted for the archaeological stabilization of Clotilda


Resolve Marine, a global leader in specialized marine, emergency response, rescue, wreckage and recovery services, today announced that Phase 3 exploration and site assessment of the Clotilde is in progress. Working in conjunction with Southeastern Archaeological Research, Inc (SEARCH), Resolve Marine is the prime contractor for the Alabama Historical Commission and brings decades of experience working along the Alabama Gulf Coast to study, locate and archaeologically document and assess historic wrecks. Working on different aspects of the project since 2018, the assembled team brings in-depth knowledge of the Clotilde, as a ship, wreck and archaeological site with strong emotional ties to the community of descendants and others who care about its history.

Over the course of several months, Resolve Marine and its partners will conduct a structural and technical assessment; a maritime archaeological and environmental survey; and prepare an in situ conservation and preservation plan. The RMG-60, a 100 x 40 foot crane barge based locally in Theodore, AL will be moored at the site with superior support equipment for dive operations, stabilization and storage of artifacts, use and staging of equipment, analyzes and archaeological documentation.

Resolve Marine and its partners:

  • Conduct a new high-resolution sonar survey of site 1BA704 (Clotilde);
  • Carry out a marine geological study of the site;
  • Install, operate and manage oceanographic meters on the site;
  • Oversee a biological assessment of the benthic zone of the site;
  • Perform a structural assessment of the ship’s hull;
  • Perform limited excavation of artifacts and may collect wood samples for scientific analysis; and
  • Develop a conservation plan for the site in situ.

Aaron Jozsef, Project Manager at Resolve Marine, said: “We are delighted to be a part of this historically significant preservation project. It is an immense duty to ensure the Clotilde is valued and preserved. Jozsef continued, “Our participation in Phase 3 of the multi-year project will add to the collective understanding of the ship and the potential of the site to provide important archaeological information about the ship and its final voyage. “

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