Rare quarter sells for $2,827 online – the exact date to research to find one too


Valuable coins, including quarters, sell for thousands of dollars online.

It might be hard to figure out, but you might find a rare one too if you check common places in your home, including jars or under your soda.


The date is at the bottom center of the obverse
There are only five dates struck in the series of draped busts.


There are only five dates struck in the series of draped busts.

Additionally, you can try watching coin rolls in banks.

A coin can be valuable for several reasons, including if it has an error, low mintage, dates, and quality and condition.

Below, we explain why a quart sold online for nearly $3,000.

Why it’s valuable and how to spot it

The Quarter is part of the Draped Bust Series, which was last struck by the U.S. Mint more than two centuries ago.

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The design features a portrait of Liberty looking to the right on the obverse.

In the series of draped busts, there were only five dates minted – with a reported combined circulation of less than 600,000.

So if you find one, chances are it’s worth something.

In fact, the one that sold in the eBay listing bears the date 1806, which has the second highest print run in the series at 206,124.

The date 1806 is in the lower center of the obverse below Liberty’s breasts.

How much could that be worth?

As always, the value of your coins depends on their quality and condition.

According to the seller, the 1806 quarter was certified by Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) in an XF 40 grade.

Meanwhile, the seller said it looks like “AU50++++”.

These two notes are released.

Nonetheless, one buyer ended up grabbing the coin for a total of $2,827.77 after 48 auctions.

But a date of 1806 might be worth even more in higher grades.

“It’s most available in the mint state (in full disclosure),” said numismatist-pro Run Guth.

“High-quality examples are not uncommon, but they are expensive because collector demand for type pieces from this period is so high.”

One that was graded in an MS 66 grade sold for more than $71,000 at auction in 2005, according to Professional Coin Grading Service.

Other valuable neighborhoods

Other neighborhood designs might also be useful.

If you find a 1916 Liberty Quarter without a mint mark, you might be in luck.

Indeed, it has by far the lowest circulation of the series, which is said to be only 52,000 copies.

One recently sold for $9,500.

Additionally, your Washington Quarters could also be valuable.

The two most valuable quarters in the series are quarters 1932-D and 1932-S.

They are both worth around $200 in average condition, according to USA Coin Book.

You will also want to be on the lookout for error coins.

For example, an error coin with a state quarter design sold for $216 online recently.

To see if your spare change is worth anything, you can check eBay by searching for the full name, selecting the “sold” listing, then switching the search to “highest value”.

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This will give you an idea of ​​the coin’s value, as your quarters, half dollars, dimes, and nickels might also be valuable.

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