RARE India adds seven properties to its portfolio


RARE India, which is at the forefront of promoting unique and conscious luxury hotels in the Indian subcontinent, has added seven properties to its portfolio. New additions to the RARE community of 100 small, owner-managed, sustainable luxury hotel brands include Blue Book at Gethia in Kumaon (Uttarakhand), Camp Kooncha in Sariska (Rajasthan), Cranganor History Café & Riverside Retreat in Muziris (Kerala), LUNGMĀR Remote Camp (Ladakh), Qayaam Gah in Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir), Rann Riders by Kaafila in Dasada (Gujarat) and The Mirage in Andretta (Himachal Pradesh).

Regarding new additions to the RARE community, RARE India Founder Hoba Mohan said, “The last two years have seen the emergence of RARE 2.0, where our goal is to create a community of boutique properties and sustainable, owner-driven travel experiences. . The RARE community is made up of like-minded partners who excel at creating destination-specific design, personalized hospitality, and delivering great service even as they move toward a sustainable future. We welcome on board these little gems spread across India, from the TransHimalayas to the hidden valleys of the lower Himalayas to the salt pans of western India.


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