Pokémon GO – Magmar Spotlight Hour Guide


Pokémon GO – Magmar Spotlight Hour Guide

The first-generation Fire-type Magmar emerges from the smog for the second hour of Pokémon GO spotlight in December. This popular Pokémon will fill the world with Pokémon GO for sixty minutes this month, following Electabuzz’s turn as the star of Spotlight Hour.

We’ll tell you when the Spotlight Hour of Magmar takes place, along with the benefits associated with the event and the chances of capturing a coveted Shining Form, in this guide. Unless you reside in a warmer climate, finding Fire-type Pokémon isn’t always easy, so make the most of them by roaming the streets.

When is Magmar Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go?

On December 14, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time, the Magmar Spotlight Hour will take place. This means that you will be surrounded by Magmar for an hour, no matter where you are in the world. You’ll also get a 2x XP boost for evolving Pokémon during this event, so set aside anything you plan to evolve to take advantage of the extra XP.

It’s as great a time as any to add the fully evolved form of the Pokémon Magmortar to your team, thanks to the XP boost and abundance of accessible Magmar. This powerful Fire-type can easily annihilate Grass or Ice-type opponents, so it’s worth including it on your squad for any tough Gym Battles or to counter any Legendary Pokémon from those categories.

Is it possible that Magmar is Shiny?

This month’s Spotlight Hour Pokémon, including Magmar, are all available in shiny form. Of course, meeting a Shiny Magmar is not certain, but you can increase your chances by using a Lure Mod or Incense, which increases the amount of Fire-type in the playing environment.

Check out our full Pokémon Spotlight Hour schedule for the rest of the month to learn more about Pokémon GO. Check out our instructions for unleashing the deadliest form of Hoopa if you’re trying to get your hands on the newly added Hoopa Unbound.

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