People are furious with scalpers reselling versions of Swatch for up to 25 times retail price and it’s breaking StockX records


Swatch collaborated with Omega on a MoonSwatch Bioceramic Collection, which shatters StockX’s records. Scalpers quickly took advantage of the situation to resell the $260 watches for several thousand dollars.

Swatch released the 11-piece collection heavily inspired by planets in our solar system such as Mars, Jupiter and Earth. Our planet’s moon and sun are also included.

The collection was highly publicized and had a huge following since its release. It sold out in stores. The website now states that the collection “is not available for purchase online at this time. We remind you that this is not a limited edition and will soon be available again in selected Swatch stores.

Despite the promise that fans will soon be able to pick up the watch at its $260 retail price, some have looked online and were shocked that retailers are pricing wildly differently.

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On StockX, an online marketplace for rare and exclusive items like sneakers, handbags and watches, the MoonSwatch collection did very well.

  • There were nearly 2,000 transactions from the Swatch x Omega collection in less than a week, with the highest premiums StockX has ever seen in the watch category.
  • Since March 26, the average Swatch x Omega has traded at an average price of $900, or 250% above retail price, with prices ranging from $816 to $1,040. This average is expected to only increase over time, at least until the collection is available in stores again.
  • So far, the Mission to the Moon is the best-selling item in the collection.

Will the collection break into the mainstream? It’s possible. StockX is at the forefront of global culture when it comes to trading, reselling, and collecting rare items. The site is a known hub for tasters. This is one of the reasons why these days brands are looking to make a splash by offering limited edition items to gain traction. If the collection does well there, it (and Swatch) could gain a reputation as worth watching.


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