Payday Loan: opinions and estimate on personal loan


We discover the payday loan with the characteristics of this payday loan offered by updated to 2019. We will see the opinions of users and how to request a free online estimate for the payday loan offered to the holders of an Account to know immediately what are the installments of reimbursement and interest rates applied.

Payday loan: main features of the payday loan

payday loan 2019: main features of the payday loan

For all those who are looking for a payday loan but do not yet know which credit institution, we present the payday loan . This form of financing is only one of the different solutions offered by to its customers, and it is also the simplest way to obtain a more or less important sum of money to cover expenses of different kinds. As in the definition of a payday loan, even in this case it is a form of non-finalized financing. At the time of the request we will not be asked to specify the cost that we intend to deal with the money we will borrow. This is without a doubt the first advantage of the payday loan, which therefore offers great freedom in this sense to the applicant. The sum of money that we can receive thanks to the payday loan will be between 3,000 and 30,000 euros , so the “classic” threshold that is usually set for payday loans by the main banks. In the case of requests for financing by digital signature, the amount that can be requested reaches up to 50,000 euros . As regards reimbursement, on the other hand, the customer has the possibility to choose the duration of his payday loan starting from a minimum of 12 up to a maximum of 84 monthly installments .

In order to make the request it is not necessary to be an customer and to be an Account holder. As specified on the official website of the bank, the only fundamental requirement of the applicant is to have a current account . It will be in fact on this that once the request is completed, we will receive the desired amount of money in case of positive outcome of the case. Furthermore, the repayment installments that will be agreed upon at the time the contract is signed are deducted from the customer’s current account every month. For those who hold an Account there are some advantages. First of all, as regards payday loans with a duration of less than 18 months, those who are already customers will not have to pay stamp duty and therefore will save the relative 16 euros. In addition, customers are expected to receive a more convenient treatment from the point of view of the interest applied. With the same amount requested and the duration chosen for its financing, an applicant who holds an Account will have a nominal annual rate (Tan) of less than 0.5% compared to another customer who has a current account with another bank.

The advantages of the payday loan are not just those reserved for customers. Compared to other banks that offer products similar to the one we are presenting to you, in fact, there are several expenses that will not have to be faced with the financing offered by . In fact, there are no costs for the opening and management of the file , just as it will not be necessary to pay any fees or penalties if you decide to make a partial or total early repayment to save on the interest due. Furthermore, there is no relative cost to both the annual stamp duty and the termination tax . Finally, it is good to highlight two very useful services, and even in this case completely free, that are made available by the company for our payday loan. We are talking about and options . As can be seen from the names of the services, these allow us to modify the payment for a given month at will, or decide not to pay it. By choosing these options we will commit to postpone the payment of an installment or part of it at the end of the term. So this is a very useful solution if, for example, you have to face an unexpected expense in a given month, all without having to pay any penalty due to the delay in repayment. The Change option can be used 2 times, while the Jump option can be chosen 3 times over the entire term of the payday loan.

To whom is the payday loan on Account: requirements

The payday loan is aimed at all individuals who are looking for a payday loan to make a purchase or start a project. We have already said that there are no limitations regarding the bank with which we have deposited our savings. As you probably already know if you have inquired about payday loans, a determining factor for the choice of a form of financing is the one related to the required requisites . In particular, the strongest limitations are those that affect the economic and working situation of the client. Who will certainly not have problems in receiving the payday loan to which it is interested are the employees . The first requirement that is required by , as well as any bank or financial institution you could turn to, is your paycheck . This is in fact the best guarantee for a credit institution that must pay a certain sum of money, as it will be precisely from the salary that each month will be deducted the repayment installment set at the time of the request. As for employees, however, one factor to consider is that of the employment contract .

Employees who can present a permanent contract will always receive the desired payday loan, obviously with the constraint that the fixed repayment installment is not excessively high compared to what is the monthly salary received. If you have a fixed-term employment contract, funding will still be delivered, with the proviso, however, that the term of repayment is fixed earlier than the end of the employment contract. Making a similar speech to that just made for employees with permanent contracts, another category of customers who can receive the payday loan without problems is that of pensioners . The financing solution offered in this case is similar to the so-called sale of the fifth. This payday loan option allows pensioners to receive the desired payday loan by setting repayment installments of less than or equal to one fifth of the net pension received.

Finally, a great advantage of the payday loans from the point of view of the required requisites is the possibility of requesting the financing that is also offered to those who are without paychecks . This solution is not offered by all companies, which is why self-employed workers often find it difficult to receive funding. In the case of the payday loan offered by , self-employed workers will be able to receive the desired amount of money simply by submitting the Unique Form for the tax return. So it will be on the basis of this that the risk analysis will be carried out by the company and it will be decided whether or not to provide the payday loan. Finally, in the case of the unemployed who need a payday loan, in this case it will be more complicated but still possible to receive the payday loan. To do so, it will be necessary to present a guarantor , who can for example be a relative or a friend, who can precisely guarantee for us, taking the risk of having to pay any installments that we will not be able to pay.


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