Ontario gets a new school for adults like no other


It’s the start of a new semester for everyone of all ages. Students prepare for university applications, postgraduate studies and develop their extracurricular activities.

If you want to strengthen your photography and drawing skills or learn new skills such as candle making or researching natural dyes, look no further.

The popular school of antique dealers opens in Bolingbroke, Ontario this fall for adults. Intended to attract students from outside the region to stay and learn at their stone cottage, their fall program includes Classes in photography, dyeing, candle making and more.

The non-formal learning environment is a supportive environment, where everyone can contribute and is valued,” says Devon Lee, president, in a press release. In a popular school, the only limit to learning is our own imagination. If you can dream that, you can probably do it in a folk school! »

They also offer three types of heritage stone cottages accommodation for students, making classes easier to access and adding an immersive element to the popular education experience.

Various local talent will be teaching at the school this fall, creating a new source of income for area artisans and the opportunity to connect with non-local students to share knowledge.

Antiquary Folk School is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable environment, providing students with the option of “pay what you can” or a payment plan.


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