Museum on the theme of Dungeons & Dragons of Lake Geneva officially open to the public | Local News


“So if people have old games that they want to give away or sell, we’re still in the market for that,” LaNasa said. “We can certainly barter and trade artifacts depending on what people have. “

Leason said that instead of charging for admission, he asked people to donate or loan items to the museum.

“Since I’m in charge and the boss lives in North Carolina, I don’t charge for tours,” Leason said. “I think if they don’t spend it on admission, they’ll buy stuff. So they bought some T-shirts and bumper stickers, and it’s going well.

Leason said he plans to bring items in and out of exhibits on a regular basis.

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“It’s such a small museum. It’s almost like a mu and not a seum because it’s so small, ”Leason said. “So we’re going to spin things around. “

As well as being a place to see Dungeons & Dragons memorabilia, the museum also hosts games on Friday and Saturday nights for adults and games for children on Sundays.

“We will have a defined game schedule later,” LaNasa said. “Right now, if someone shows up, we’re playing.”

The museum also offers memberships – which range from $ 150 to $ 1,500 – and include admission, discounts to participate in the games, discounts on merchandise, snacks and drinks on tours.


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