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Game fans who want to try and win real money by playing will appreciate MIR4, because this MMO from WeMade allows players to gather certain resources and possibly exchange them for cryptocurrency. And as with any free experience, play to win, it takes a lot of Darksteel mining for players to make a living in the game. Additionally, the game’s territory system means players have to be smart when planning to exploit, as other players might try to steal the best collection points from them.

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Luckily, players can actually rely on certain gathering points to mine Darksteel without too much disruption. And while some locations require players to reach a certain level, the presence of certain deterrents like monsters can definitely make those areas the best gathering places in the game. MIR4where are the best gathering places?

5 Bicheon City (Bicheon Area)

City of Bicheon

Players who want to slowly improve their Power score will likely need to upgrade their Constitution, as this not only contributes to their overall health, but also to their character’s Power. Materials typically needed to upgrade Constitution can be gathered through hunting and gathering. For hunting, players can acquire Unihorn, Century Fruit and Flower Oil. Meanwhile, Herb leaf, Reishi and herb root can be acquired through Gathering.

To properly pick the plants mentioned in Gathering, a good place to pick is in Bicheon Town, located in the Bicheon area. On the global map, it is useful to choose collection fields and quarries in order to locate spaces in the city of Bicheon to correctly collect these elements. It’s much better to leave characters on AFK during muster to make sure they’re safe, while getting more than enough material to upgrade Constitution.


4 Nefariox Necropolis (Bicheon area)


Players looking to enhance their inner strength will likely need to seek out items such as Upper and Lower Yin Pills, which can be difficult to find without proper guidance as to where to locate them. Luckily, there is one area that has plenty of these materials. Players looking to up their Inner Force game can head over to Nefariox Necropolis in the Bicheon area, in particular Nefariox Necropolis 1F, to find these items.

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Leaving the AFK character in this area to eliminate existing enemies could help players obtain upgrade items relevant to their inner strength. In the region specifically, common drops in the region include Flower Oil, Unihorn Slice, Lesser Yin and Yang Pills and Greater Yin and Yang Pills.

3 Snake pit (Snake pit area)


Players looking to prepare for the high-level gameplay offered by this MMO might find it prudent to collect rare gems as soon as possible. These stones are needed to create very powerful rare items, such as rarer weapons and armor, which characters can use to greatly improve their power score.

Luckily, rare stones are considered minerals and metals, meaning they can be mined in areas within quarries. These can be accessed on the map of any area in the “Gathering Grounds and Quarry” section. In the case of rare stones, it is best to find them in the quarries of Snake Pit, located in the Snake Pit area.

2 Snake Pit Maze (Snake Pit Area)

Snake Pit Maze

Another set of crafting materials players need to gather for growth includes the Rare variants of Century Fruit, Unihorn Slice and Flower Oil. Granted, players with a low power score can still travel to the Bicheon area to gather uncommon versions of these items, but it’s a much slower process. Players need around 20 uncommon specimens of each item to convert them into a single piece of their rare variant. To avoid this hassle, players may want to proceed with Snake pit maze in the snake pit area, which is recommended for players who are between level 45 and level 90.

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Despite the high level cap in the region, constantly gaining EXP and farming these rare goods can easily make up for the difficulties. Players who find these areas a little too above their level also have the option to select rare items and find the best alternate sources for them.

1 Snake Valley (snake pit area)

valley of snakes

Perhaps the most essential items to find throughout a player’s MMO journey are promotional items, such as the Rare variants of Moonlight Magic Stone, Purified Water, Virtue Pill, and Blue Devil Stone. All of these items can greatly increase a character’s power in a wide variety of areas. Again, while players can find uncommon versions of these items in Bicheon Valley, they still need around 10 of each uncommon promo item just to get a single piece of their rare counterpart.

Similar to the other rare variants of certain items, the best places to search for these items would be in Snake Valley, found in the Snake Pit area. Considering that the monsters in this location are around level 60 and above, this is a recommended area for higher level players. However, given the ease of crafting involving rare materials, the inconvenience of facing tough opponents here may be worth it.

MIR4 is available to play on Android, iOS, MacOS and PC.

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