Martha Stewart’s new tree makes a colorful garden statement


Businesswoman Martha Stewart is no stranger to garden trends. However, this time the trend came from new heights – thousands of feet above the ground.

The author and founder of Martha Stewart Living shared an image aboard her private jet, surrounded by eight Cercis canadensis (Forest Pansy) trees, which she picked up in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The trees were a fitting tribute to the state where she attended the Oklahoma State University Business Lecture Series. However, we expect this colorful garden idea to reimagine spring garden ideas in homes far beyond the south central state.

Cercis canadensis plant

(Image credit: Getty Images)

“Coming home with 8 Cercis canadensis, Oklahoma’s state tree,” Martha shared via her instagram (opens in a new tab) Publish.

The businesswoman picked up her Cercis canadensis at silt nursery (opens in a new tab) in Tulsa before boarding her private jet to return home. ”[I also stopped at a charming [antiquary] and I found a good table and a dish signed Bunnykins”, she adds.

And while Martha Stewart’s antique purchases are something to note, it’s her Cercis canadensis trees that will influence garden trends this spring.

Martha Stewart’s Cercis canadensis tree

Cercis canadensis plant

(Image credit: Getty Images)

According to the ERS (opens in a new tab), Cercis canadensis, also known as forest pansy or purple leaf, is a large deciduous shrub – or small tree often with multiple stems. In Mrs. Stewart’s case, it is a small, multi-stemmed plant with pinkish-purple flowers.

Alongside these purple tones, Cercis canadensis can turn red, orange and bronze shades, depending on the season. In the spring, the flowers are often bright pink and appear in clusters on bare stems, as seen in Martha Stewart’s post.

Why invest in a Cercis canadensis tree

Cercis canadensis plant

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Cercis canadensis already has Martha Stewart’s approval, but the admiration for this tree doesn’t stop there. RHS Chelsea Flower Show named the Cercis canadensis Eternal flame their plant of the year alone last year, beating 18 other plants to the top title. The Society praised the flower for its “unique coloring [that] changes throughout the growing season, with new growth dark red then turning burnt orange and golden yellow as the leaves mature.

“The Eastern Red Bud Cercis canadensis tree is becoming very popular and people tend to like it for its beautiful deep pink tones,” adds Anna Eklöv, plant expert from LOV flowers (opens in a new tab). She adds that alongside its aesthetic, you can also use the bulbs in your salad.

“However, what’s special about the eastern redbud tree is that the flowers are also edible and can add a bright, citrusy flavor to salads,” she says. What else could you need to invest in this tasty backyard idea?

‘By the way, we didn’t fly with the trees in the driveway. there were four of us in the four back seats and the eight trees occupied the four middle seats,” adds Martha. “We are compliant and we have great drivers looking after our safety.” However, if you make the purchase, we recommend that you choose a nursery slightly closer to home.


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