Madden 23 Ultimate Team: How to create a MUT team for free


Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team is back. The popular online mode is still all about pack draws and odds that make Genshin Impact feel like a Dave & Buster crane game, but it’s not impossible to create a dream team that plays well above the game. above all without microtransactions. This year’s edition of MUT features a number of updated tools for sets, re-rolls and power-ups, and new additions like the Field Pass add value to new program maps and grinds. XP on weekends.

Ultimate Team’s first season is “All-Madden,” a September-long celebration of the GOAT that includes launch programs like Headliners, Legends, Team Affinity, and Campus Heroes. The Season 1 Field Pass also adds 60 different tiers of free rewards and bundles packs and team uniforms with exclusive player items like 85 OVR Zach Cunningham, 87 OVR CeeDee Lamb, 89 OVR Stephon Gilmore, and a rare 91 OVR Dave “The Ghost” Casper.

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Not spending money in Madden is a “serenity now” moment in itself, so we’ve prepared a cheat sheet on how to counter paywalls and H2H goons with your own creative twist on MUT 23.

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Do your daily missions

Dailies are often overlooked because Twitch Drops are right there, but like Skills Trainer rewards, they’re mini achievements that take no time at all. Season 1 objectives require MUT players to “complete a set”, “buy a pack”, and “record 200 offensive yards”, and clearing each unlocks a random strategy item and daily coin quick sale. They don’t have much value, but either item can be sold for up to 25,000 coins (on a good day) and stacking daily objectives over time will unlock additional XP for the season 1, including 25,000 XP at 10 days and 45,000 XP at 30 days.

Level up with Field Passes

Field Passes are MUT 23’s answer to NBA 2K seasons and MLB The Show’s featured programs – reward track systems that are leveled by playing Madden NFL 23 and used to unlock exclusive packs, coaches and player items. There are three different types (Season, Competitive, Program) and each complements the others with shared missions based on XP and stats that apply to new challenges, themed programs, and MUT Champions. They’re entirely optional, but worth the time as they provide direction, an easier to-do list, and Field Pass LTDs like 86 OVR Headliners Derrick Brown.

Grind solos with Moss, Alstott and Montana.

Meet these challenges

Solo challenges are still the wave as they can be used as mid-term trials for new legends, position upgrades, and QB cards that deserve a second chance. For offline duos, it’s an easy way to get coins and season XP for Field Passes, and for free-to-play veterans, it’s a daily ritual with team captains. team and awards like 86 OVR All-Madden Team Randy Moss (OOP). It turns into a binder refill generator at some point, but maxing stars with each new set of challenges will generate additional XP for the current season and its corresponding program passes (this i.e. headliners, campus heroes).

Build your own dream team

There’s headliners Donald Parham Jr., Nickel 3-3 Blitzes, TikTok builds, and an eBook metaverse no one really knows about, but Ultimate Team is still about finding your niche. There’s nothing stopping you from adopting Run And Gun, West Coast, or 3-4 Under strategies to develop your own hybrid patterns, whether it’s Power Backs Only, TE Options All Day, or an Air It Out 2.0 with Team Affinity Joe. Burrow throwing absolute darts at an all-Bengals themed team. MUT 23 is much more flexible than previous versions of the mode, and Week 1 matches haven’t even started yet.

There are methods for the MUT auction house.
There are methods for the MUT auction house.

Find your way with auctions

Don’t let the price of 89 OVR Team Affinity Carlton Davis III fool you; there’s a lot to like about the MUT auction house. Quick snipes on new builds? Check. Need items for set rerolls? Bet. Trading little gold for new training upgrades? 100%, although that’s what Twitch Drops are for. There are multiple ways to approach auctions instead of going the traditional buy/sell route and figuring out what works for your team build can help you maximize coin wins and team chemistry thematic.

Grind Solos, H2Hs & MUT Champs

Madden 23 is still very difficult, but in a better way this year. Playing Solo Battles, H2H Seasons, and MUT Champions can rack up XP and bragging rights, but it also counts towards progress in new reward tracks like the Competitive Field Pass. Competitive Points (CP) are used to level up and earn extra Season Coins and XP, and if the MUT Champs Entry Tokens aren’t for you, there’s still a long list of free packs (Touchdown, Rookie Premiere) and limited player items like 88 OVR Trevor Lawrence. Competitive passes are refreshed every other Monday and if all else fails there’s always House Rules mode, which plays like Superstar KO but with a twist.

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