Limited quantities of Tennessee dollars on sale August 30


The fourth and final 2022 American Innovation Dollar, recognizing achievement in Tennessee, will go on sale August 30 from the U.S. Mint in bags and rolls in limited mintages for coins with a circulation-grade finish.

The coins will be offered in rolls of 25 coins from the production of the Denver and Philadelphia mints, priced at $34.50 per roll from either facility. The 100 piece canvas bags will be available for $117.50 per bag at either production location.

None of the American Innovation Dollars are minted for circulation, only for numismatic sales at premiums above face value.

Numismatic products are available through pre-registration before specific release dates to the public.

The Tennessee American Innovation Dollar will be issued in the same limited numbers as the Vermont and Kentucky American Innovation Dollar coins when they are released on April 26 and June 28 respectively.

Coins from Vermont and Kentucky were limited to 2,790 of each mint’s 100-coin bags, mirroring 279,000 coins each from Denver and Philadelphia.

Roll sales were limited to 7,020 of the 25-coin rolls representing 175,500 coins each from Denver and Philadelphia.

Rhode Island coin sales had no product limits.

The Mint recorded combined numismatic sales of 899,800 Rhode Island dollars – 449,875 coins from production at the Philadelphia Mint and 449,925 coins from production at the Denver mill. Sales include 276,200 coins from each establishment, resulting from the sale of 2,762 of the 100-coin bags from each of the two mints.

Roll sales totaled 6,947 Philadelphia Mint rolls, or 173,675 coins, and 6,949 Denver Mint rolls, or 173,725 coins.

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