Knights of X sets up the X-Men’s quest for a powerful magical artifact


The following contains spoilers for Knights of X #1, out now from Marvel

The Knights of X have one of Krakoa’s most important missions right now, with the team associated with the X-Men focusing on a major mystical threat. Tasked with helping to stop the anti-mutant Merlyn and his allies from completely overtaking the mystically vital Otherworld, Captain Britain and his allies find themselves on a dangerous quest to recover one of Marvel’s most unique artifacts.

Knights of X #1 (by VC’s Tini Howard, Bob Quinn, Erick Arciniega, and Ariana Maher) revealed that the titular group’s mission is to reclaim the Perilous Siege; a powerful magical item with a deep connection to the history of the X-Men, especially the leader of the group, Betsy Braddock.

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Since the conclusion of Excalibur, Captain Britain has been trapped in an Other World controlled by Merlyn. She attempted to restore Saturynne’s power, so she could re-establish a connection with Krakoa and protect the mystical realm’s wizarding race. Betsy has become so desperate to find ways to rally Krakoa allies that she’s forced to call another favor from the longtime X-Ally, Roma. Roma’s penchant for mutants has allowed them some protection in her lands, and while Roma cannot grant her a portal right away, she can help create a “quest” with fairy magic that, if completed, could give Betsy access to such a portal.

To that end, a number of heroes are called and summoned to Otherworld (including Meggan, Prodigy, Gambit, Bei The Blood Moon, Rictor, Shatterstar, and Jubilee’s son Shogo), where they joined Betsy. After their party ends with the recruitment of Excalibur veteran Kylun and Arthur Witch-Breed’s son, Mordred, their quest turns out to be a search for the Perilous Siege – one of the universe’s most unpredictable magical artifacts. Marvel.

The concept of the perilous siege has long been part of Arthurian legend. In these tales, he refers to an empty seat at the Round Table. It remained open for some time and was fatal to anyone unworthy who took its place. That is, until Galahad took it, ultimately proving his prophecy to be true by becoming the knight who found the Holy Grail.

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The concept was re-imagined in the Marvel Universe but still tied to Arthurian legend, with Merlyn’s daughter Roma giving it to the X-Men after the events of fall of the mutants. The Perilous Siege allowed the user to venture through a portal. It transported them across the world and gave them new life, seemingly affecting the reality around them and often causing them to forget their own lives. He’s even been suggested to be quietly alive in his own way, at one point rejecting Quinten Quire when exposed to him during Wolverine and the X-Men.

The artifact‘s adventure is likely to be difficult but vital, as the power of the portal could easily allow the armies of Krakoa and even Arakko to come to Betsy’s aid. But the Siege Perilous has a specific history with the X-Men, especially Betsy Braddock. It was after venturing through herself that Braddock was left in a weakened state enough for the Hand to capture her and switch bodies with Kwannon.

It set up years of drama for both women that they couldn’t really try to overcome until recently. Now it looks like Betsy must retrieve the item that nearly led to her identity being erased and return it to Roma, the same woman who gifted it to the X-Men in the first place. It seems that the perilous siege is not yet over with Betsy and her fate is still tied to the artifact.

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