Kelmscott Manor set to reopen after major refurbishment


Kelmscott Manor is set to reopen after a major refurbishment.

William Morris’ country house has been closed since 2019 to allow for structural repairs to the 17th century mansion and its outbuildings.

Other works carried out during this period include a new learning and activity studio, new exhibition and research spaces, an upgrade of visitor facilities and the conservation of furniture and works of art. .

The interior rooms of the mansion, near Lechlade, have also been refurbished to give a more authentic impression of what they would have been in the days of the Morris family.


Dr Kathy Haslam, curator at Kelmscott Manor, said: ‘We have not attempted to replicate any particular moment in time by re-displaying the period rooms, but rather recreating the spaces as they would have been known to members of the Morris family during their 67-year association with the mansion based on available evidence.

“Every new placement of furniture and objects, as well as every new paint color or wallpaper choice has been informed by visual or written sources consulted through extensive research.

“As a result, the house feels more like home. Plus, our new interpretation allows us to explore more people, themes and stories than before.”

Kelmscott Manor has belonged to the Society of Antiquaries of London since 1962.

General Secretary John Lewis said: “William Morris’ love of history and the physical remnants of the past profoundly influenced his creativity.

“Our revitalized Kelmscott will explore and share the history of the estate and the house through the fundamental disciplines of the Society and through the eyes of William Morris as an antiquarian and a member of our Society.

“The recent major renovation project and ongoing Kelmscott Manor: Past Present and Future Campaign has helped preserve William Morris’ beloved ‘Heaven on Earth’ for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.”

Kelmscott Manor reopens to the public on Friday April 1. From then on, it will be open from Thursday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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