Indiana Jones’ Most Valuable Treasures, Ranked


The world of IndianaJones is filled with excitement, peril and discovery. Part of what made the show so appealing was how Indiana Jones’ character often gets in over his head with the artifacts he hunts. What appears to have historical significance would quickly have a supernatural quality that would instantly change its significance. In all the treasures he encountered, some were more important than others.

While some treasures have a direct impact on Indy, others are way above his position and even his status as a teacher. Nonetheless, he risked his life and limb to keep these artifacts safe and saw the value of these treasures in terms of global significance. With another trip on the horizon, his next treasure might be his most valuable yet. That said, of the four main artifacts he discovered, which could be considered the most valuable?

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4) Sankara stones carry divine power

In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the stones of Sankara would have been brought to Earth by the god Shiva. Initially, there are five, but only three can be found. However, the stone’s diamonds sparkle when put together. In possession of Mola Ram, the film’s priest uses his magical powers, granted by rocks, to sacrifice innocent people to the god Kali. However, in the service of Shiva, he can give life and prosperity to those who worship stones. Although they have immense power, their value lies primarily with those who revere them rather than those who found and used them.

3) The Ark of the Covenant is a dangerous line to the dead

The Ark of the Covenant first appeared in The Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Ark itself has a rich history as it is said to bear the cracked remains of the Ten Commandments. Other stories say it is a way of communicating with God. As a result, he becomes a subject of interest for Adolf Hitler. However, upon opening the Ark, angry spirits emerge towards those who view it, overwhelming them and thereby killing them. There’s immense value in what the Ark represents, and that can’t be questioned, but its danger means it’s best to be locked away forever.

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2) The Holy Grail confirms a lot but is limited in its power

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has probably the most religiously significant treasure of the entire series as it revolved around the hunt for the Holy Grail. The Grail itself has properties that go beyond the promise of eternal life. For example, it has immense healing properties for the injured, such as when Indy heals his father’s gunshot wound. However, it spiritually signifies the existence of God and the larger implications that flow from it. Even though the Grail cannot leave its home and retain the powers it carries, the meaning behind it is still one of the most important.

1) The Crystal Skull transcends the concept of reality itself

While the Holy Grail is significant in its own right, Akator’s crystal skull from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to rise in a realm which is even more beyond all religious significance. At first, the skull is believed to be related to extraterrestrial life from other worlds. Although the definition still holds for these creatures with crystalline skeletons, they are not aliens at all. In fact, they are extradimensional beings who have traveled to other worlds to gain knowledge. What makes the skull more valuable than even a grail is that proving the existence of gods in a world would imply that there are more gods in more worlds. Ultimately, the potential for significance also increases.


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