IGN Reveals a Legendary Artifact for Magic: The Gathering’s Next Streets of New Capenna Set


After traveling to the neon-lit, Japanese culture-inspired vision of a futuristic Kamigawa earlier this year, Magic: The Gathering now moves on to the no less visually arresting world of New Capenna. A city “built by angels and ruled by demons”, New Capenna is a 1920s black art deco metropolis ruled by five crime families. This concept comes to life wonderfully well in card art (and all the different treatments), but the designers really doubled down on setting up for the mechanics too.

Each of the five Syndicates is represented by a tricolor suit and a unique mechanic. You can read more about each here, but to give you an idea, the Obscura are represented by white, blue, and black, and are deception-focused magic users; on manipulation and blackmail. The mechanic they use is “Connive”, which allows the player to draw one card and discard one card. And if the discarded card is a nonland, the creature that plotted gets a +1/+1 counter. This promises to be a useful mechanic that will help players dig through their deck and find what they need for the current situation.

So how does IGN’s map reveal for Streets of New Capenna the connection to the Five Families? Well, it’s actually a tool that any of them could potentially use. Presentation of Luxior, the gift of Giada:

Seems strong. Map art by Volkan Baga.

In addition to its basic utility of being able to evolve creatures that already have counters, Giada’s Gift also has the unique ability to be equippable for planeswalkers. What does it mean? This means that the targeted Planeswalker retains its abilities, but otherwise becomes a normal creature with stats based on its loyalty meter. It is therefore able to attack during combat, like any other creature. It also cannot be killed by Planeswalker destruction effects. It’s an intriguing idea that helps make this gear stand out and can have some very creative applications.

Streets of New Capenna will be available to play on tabletop and in Magic: The Gathering Arena on April 29, and you can find out more about the set and its product line on the official website. Also, be sure to check out IGN’s feature on the future of Magic and what its fan base thinks of how the game is growing and changing.

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