ICOM Training: Supporting Disaster Risk Management in Armenia


Armenia is a country that has been affected by both natural disasters and armed conflicts. Initiated by ICOM Armenia, ICOM supported the organization of a training course for museum professionals in the region.

The damage that affected museums and their collections during earthquakes, the war in Artsakh (in the 1990s, 2016, 2020s) showed that the museum community is not sufficiently prepared to react in time and organize timely security measures for their collections and staff. . Ani Avagyan, ex-president of ICOM Armenia, expressed a need for the organization of a training activity on disaster risk management for Armenian museum professionals in order to address the lack of knowledge and tools in this domain. The training, which took place from October 24 to 28, provided 30 participants from the region with specific tools to prevent, prepare and implement disaster risk management strategies for their collections, staff and visitors. in case of earthquake, flood, explosion, war, structural collapse, etc.

Amira Sadik Ali Holder of a bachelor’s degree in archeology, higher diploma in art and Greco-Roman history from the faculty of archeology at Cairo University, higher diploma in translation from the University of Lyon. Working in the documentation of tangible and intangible heritage, she participates in the organization of workshops for the public and specialists. In 2014 joined the EHRF. Participation in the requirements of the TOT program for first aid to cultural heritage in the event of disaster or conflict, provided by ICCROM, UNESCO. Honored to participate with them, as a trainer and co-trainer in national, regional and international training courses in first aid and risk preparedness and DRM for cultural heritage assets.

Vernon Rapley FSA Vernon is Director of Cultural Heritage Protection and Security at the V&A Museum in London. He is the creator and director of the internationally renowned program “Culture in Crisis” and the “Culture in Crisis Portal”. He is a member of the Society of Antiquaries (London). Chairman of the ICOM International Committee for Museum Security, Chairman of the National Museum Security Group and of the Security of Major Museums in Europe (Bizot sub-group). Before joining the cultural sector, Vernon was a detective at New Scotland Yard for 24 years. He retired as head of the Art & Antiquities unit in 2010.

About ICOM Regional Trainings

Each year, ICOM organizes different regional training courses to give museum professionals from all over the world the opportunity to participate in high-level workshops led by international experts. These workshops also aim to create regional networks for museum professionals that they can use to exchange information or to initiate and develop collaborative projects. ICOM’s goal is to reach all regions with its training workshops every two years, so that all museum professionals have the opportunity to attend.

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