I am a coin expert – the exact years to search to find $2000 worth coins and protect yourself from counterfeits


DR Mike Fuljenz is America’s gold expert.

As President of Universal Coin and Bullion, he has won over 60 national and regional awards for his work in rare coin education and consumer protection.


Mike Fuljenz is President of Universal Coin & Bullion in Beaumont, TexasCredit: Universal Coin & Bullion

He is skilled in gold and silver bullion, helping many victims in the fight against counterfeit coins and other precious metals.

Over the past few years, hundreds of websites have sold counterfeit coins with little or no oversight, according to the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation.

Dr. Fuljenz shared with The Sun the most valuable coins on the market and advice on how to protect against online fraud.

The best years to look for on coins

Pieces are a long game.

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The expert said those looking for a penny with rare dates or specific errors have a lower chance than those looking for the average coin.

However, there are specific plays and dates to watch out for.

Dr. Fuljenz said that any penny, quarter and a half of a dollar from 1964 or earlier was worth about 18 times its face value.

“That’s where people make money,” Dr. Fuljenz said.

“So if you have $10 in quarters, pennies, half dollars, even if you have $1, two half dollars is $18,” he added.

Other coins to watch are the silver dollars issued between 1878 and 1921.

These are usually worth a minimum of $25, but if new they could be worth $50.

Additionally, coins like Morgan Silver Dollars between these dates tend to be very valuable due to their low mintage – only 110,000.

This particular piece sold on eBay for $2,024.

Some can even be worth thousands depending on the history of the coin, such as the 1909-S VDB wheat cent.

This particular coin sold on eBay for $1,975 due to its controversy.

The engraver, Victor David Brenner printed his initials – VDB – on the back of the initial design, leaving many professionals quite furious.

Counterfeit parts

Counterfeit gold and silver coins received by Texas investor


Counterfeit gold and silver coins received by Texas investorCredit: Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation

Dr. Fuljenz said the reason so many collectors, especially first-timers, are cheated is that fakes don’t sell for tons of money.

Fraudulent dealers list counterfeits well below market value, which attracts buyers.

“Companies that sell counterfeits price coins too low, below spot price, no one will sell you coins or gold bars below spot gold or silver”, said Dr. Fuljenz.

“There is no Santa in numismatics or precious metals,” he added.

How to protect yourself from counterfeits

The problem of counterfeits will only get worse because there is no monitoring.

Dr. Fuljenz said it’s up to the buyer to do their due diligence and make sure the product they’re buying is legitimate.

The expert shared three tips to protect yourself from fraud.

1. Check the spot price

A spot price is the current market price for a coin or other commodity.

This means that if a coin is too far below the spot price, there is most likely a problem.

2. Visit the company’s website

The problem with Facebook or other sites is that some scammers steal legitimate company logos or names and use them as their own.

They will even take the building, phone number, and email address of the business and use it on their sites.

So you need to make sure you’re contacting the right company, which means you might have to do some digging.

3. Check company involvement

The final tip is to make sure that the company you are buying the coin from is involved in the coin world in some way.

Dr. Fuljenz said a reputable company or seller listing coins should at least have received some type of honor, be published, or have served on boards.

He added that it’s a good idea to only buy parts from someone with a good reputation.

“They have too much to lose to abuse you,” Dr. Fuljenz said.

Counterfeit coins to watch out for

Many counterfeits to watch out for are quarter and a half dollars.

However, as the most popular coins are those with the American eagle, these should be purchased from a reputable dealer.

Also, counterfeits are usually not gold.

Also, if you place them next to genuine coins, the size will be different due to the weight and density of gold compared to copper, nickel and zinc.

“But the bottom line is that you need to find the right dealer because there are a lot of gold eagles, silver eagles and other popular gold and silver coins and bars online that are being counterfeited in line,” Dr. Fuljenz said.

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